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This is a question that I have asked myself many times over….should I move there versus should I not move there. Well, you’re all in a bit of luck because I am going to lay it straight down the line as to why you should or shouldn’t move to Berlin, Germany. Basically you are presented with a list that I will constantly add to over time that lists the positives that come from living here as well as the negatives. Of course, I am only one person, so this is purely subjective. As unbiased as I try to be, certain negatives will most likely ONLY be understood by someone who grew up in a similar environment to myself and who had access to the same creature comforts.

Great clubs that never close over the weekend.On Sunday nothing is open anyway so it’s not like there is anything else to do.
In general, cheap and accessible nightlife.Very average food. When I say average, I mean there is very little variety and what there is of it is usually pretty average regardless of price.
Cheap rent.Overly bureaucratic.
Lots to do in Spring and Summer.Crappy housing, don’t expect a kitchen to be included. Actually, if you’re from anywhere like the States, the UK, Australia or N.Z. prepare to be shocked!
Certain areas of Berlin are very open and tolerant.The people here tend to be a bit of an inconsiderate bunch. They might try and make it look like they care but don’t let that fool you, most of them don’t!
The city is such a mixed greyish landscape that is somehow beautiful. Fly over it some time…the place is damn ugly – yet endearing at the same time.Pretty awful weather. Winter can be a pretty hellish experience if you aren’t used to sub-zero temperatures and darkness (for extended periods).
Cars and motorbikes are relatively cheap.No such word as convenient in the German language, that means something. Don’t let anyone tell you different, there might be words such as praktisch that you can use instead, but my point remains. This city is far from convenient.
Great roads, let’s not forget the autobahn with sections of road without a speed limit.No great places to skate or BMX, too many cobblestones and shitty footpaths. Ok, for BMXing there are some but I pity the skaters.
You can live quite an inexpensive life in Berlin if you would like to.Stupid European import duty tax on anything that comes outside of the E.U.
Very little aggression or violence on the streets of Berlin.The average solo income is pretty low.
Club Mate – the drink.German is very difficult to learn.
Excellent assortment of beer!Germans use long-life milk and leave it out by the coffee machine regardless of temperature, think yogurt.
Great work conditions.Too many naysayers.
Very organised.Appalling weather.
Nice chilled environment that moves at its own pace.

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