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Meditation….back into it :-)

So, I have been trying to get back into meditation lately, not quite sure why I ever stopped….but yeah, ain’t that easy to get back into really. I always remember being able to meditate relatively easily. That is until a friend of mine introduced me to this guy called “Catalyst Yogi”. He’s a Canadian guy that is an Indigo Scout committed to help guide people to live in the new age of Aquarius. He is also a trained Energy Healer, Writer, Reader and certified Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Teacher, as taught by Yogi Bhajan. Pretty interesting guy really.

Anyway, best thing is he has heaps of content available on YouTube which has really helped me with meditation. So much easier to do a guided meditation instead. Sometimes I forget about all the gems that YouTube actually has. Anyway, here’s one for you, a pretty damn important one too – all about how to love and accept yourself. Remember, you can’t truly love anyone until you first love yourself.

Net neutrality – glad I’m not in the US

What is it I might hear you say? A very important endangered species that governs internet suppliers and how they supply bandwidth, is the answer. Why is this a particular problem in the US? Well, internet providers over there are essentially running monopolies already, and if net neutrality is destroyed, then this will get a whole lot worse.

It basically boils down to something like this, normal users pay a normal fee and receive the standard download/upload speeds (up to), whereas companies relying on the internet for delivery of e-commerce (such as Apple), or basically anyone who can afford to pay a premium to their provider, will receive faster guaranteed speeds.

Where is the problem you say? Ok, imagine you’re a startup video streaming company going against the likes of YouTube et. al., but of course YouTube have paid a premium for their service that you as a startup just can’t afford. What happens to you? Well, obviously a company like YouTube that pays the premium for faster downloads kills your business plan. You cannot compete. People will go elsewhere, probably regardless of the experience you can provide them with when they get there. It is essentially something that could put companies on a hierarchy, and end-users will definitely be worse off. Since when did a kingdom spoil its people?

Firstly, do you trust any company that controls your communication pipes if you have little to no choice (remembering it is usually only one or two companies that own the “pipes”)? I mean, they say they won’t slow down the standard user’s speeds or hike their prices, but do you really believe that? Secondly; why should these greedy bastards be able to create another tier just to fill their greedy pockets? Internet speed should be the same speed for everyone for price category, and there should be no unaffordable “premiums”. You can imagine, your “up to” speed would be just that “up to” and no more if this started happening. Finally; managing to create a heir achy on the internet is just plain wrong. If anything, that is the beauty of the internet, everyone is equal, and everyone is free. This would be a virtual backwards step in in human rights, as money would define the freedom.

So things are way weird over in the US, and it looks like they are about to get weirder. I can only hope and pray that this type of malarkey doesn’t come our way (oh yes, I am a poet – albeit a bad one). Anyway, check this short video out from John Oliver, he explains it very well.

Some light entertainment for the ears…

A track to remind you of me while I’m away….one of my favs at the moment 🙂

I love the couch :-)

I mean, it really is true…..sometimes…..I just lurve the couch 😉