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What is that? Oh right, SUN!

Well, it must be said, as late as it came, it certainly made an entrance….Summer that is.

That’s right, we are finally right into Summer and it’s in full effect. 32 degrees C. today, with a high of around 37 expected tomorrow. Like, what the hell are those temperatures all about? Not that I’m complaining, by no means, I am simply astounded, not to mention delirious lying in a pool of my own sweat created by the lack of air conditioning.

Anyway, enough about that. Not much been happening really. Well, a bit. Ina’s sister was here last weekend with her new boyfriend Mark, who is very nice. We had a pretty funky weekend with a few parties, one of them being at Schokoladen, and the other famously held at Hans’ garden house. A great weekend and great times all around.

Suzie is here this weekend to play a gig at White Trash tonight continuing on with her European tour from there onto Paris on Tuesday night La Feline and onwards from there. Really nice to be able to catch up what seems to be relatively frequently of late. I guess it is a lucky break getting out of Melbourne at this time of year, I haven’t checked what the weather there is like, but it can usually be pretty shitty.

So, we (Ina & I) were thinking about buying a place in Prenzlauer Berg that we really liked the look of. But it turns out that we just don’t feel it to be right, there’s some kind of bad vibe about the whole place now after having such a bad communication experience with the seller. I should say now, it is a private sale, whereby the owner is selling the property direct. And dealing directly with the owner has been such a horrible experience for us that we really just lost interest. Sad but true. All this means that Ina I will keep on searching. It is only a matter of time.

I’ve been a little bit disappointed at work lately. There are many reasons why, but nevertheless, it is very demotivating. And that is a very dangerous place to be. I always try my best to keep my team motivated, and I know of many ways in which to do this. It can be as simple as bringing an ice-cream for everyone. The fact that you are an attentive manager is one of the most important aspects of management I find. You build relationships with your employees. Don’t get me wrong – they don’t have to be your best friend, but you have to be someone they would be comfortable inviting to their own home. But most importantly, vice-versa. That feeling of equality is something that should not be underestimated. Elitism rarely gets anyone anywhere. You can be in a superior position without having to play the elitist card I believe, who knows though, I could also be wrong. It may depend on the size of team you have, but I would like to think otherwise……and will until proven otherwise.

Anyways, what else. not a lot really. Busy, busy, busy. The air-conditioning saga is ongoing in Sydney, as is the refinancing of the loan…..maybe I didn’t mention that though. But otherwise, all is rolling along just fine.

Check this out anyhow, Suzie’s new video:

Traps and sleep and all things deep

Well, I’ve been in my new place for 3 weeks now and am still wrestling with my room. Pretty much everything is away – although not in an exactly organised fashion – I’ll get to that later – but it’s away. The only thing to get done now is to hang the bass-traps up. At the moment they are all just stacked in my room in a great pile. It’s a pretty daunting task at the best of times, but add to that the sheer height of my ceilings and it becomes even more serious. The ceilings in my room are around 3.5 meters high, so nothing to sniff at really – and in all honesty, no one I know has a ladder high enough to even reach up there. I mean, my wardrobe (which is meant to be attached to the ceiling also) is relying on pure pressure at the moment…..not such a great thing.

Anyway, as soon as I have located a ladder that will reach up there, I’ll ask a friend to help me hang them – I mean, I’ve helped along the way with every aspect of his bass traps – from creation to mounting – so hopefully he’s willing to lend a hand once again. Then I will actually be able to fit a bed in there…..

Which brings me to my next point – my bed. The location of which is still unknown to me – I ordered it quite some time ago now and still have not received it, very sad. I would love nothing more than to sleep on a nice firm futon mattress, but up until now it has either been a choice between a bit of a soft-ass mattress on the floor or sleeping directly on the couch. I mean, both have their advantages, don’t get me wrong…and I have been known to accidentally crash on the couch at times, but it’s nothing you’d really want to do on a daily basis.

But then again, until the bass-traps are hung, it would be very difficult to fit a bed in there anyway….grrrrrr

Anyway, I guess I had a pretty darn good weekend. It started at White Trash and carried on past a friends place onwards and upwards. I went and saw the Hokusai exhibition on Sunday at Martin Gropius Bau (amongst another couple of museums: Tränenpalast and the Science Center) and really enjoyed the exhibition – as well as the company. It was beautiful weather also – so really just great for wandering around, getting some sun, and ducking in and out of exhibitions.

But that’s the sum of it. There is no more to tell, well, none that I’m prepared to anyway. So that’s it, bugger off now 😉