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Snow time!

So I’m back from the snow and in one piece, although this time I really did get everything (or nearly – more about that later) I could to protect my poor troubled back.

To start with, this was the first time I wore a helmet, and thank God I did – I hit my head once so hard that I was seeing stars – even with it on. So who knows how that would have gone without wearing one at all. Bang ProtectionI chose a Bern Baker EPS model with integrated audio. Because I mean, snowboarding ain’t exactly a team sport, and tunes make everything better ๐Ÿ˜‰

In combination with that, I got myself a 661 Evo Pressure suit. Kinda funny thing to put on really, makes me feel almost like someone back in ancient times slinging a suit of armor on. Anyway, it’s got shoulder, elbow and back protection integrated and was the comfiest one I tried on.661 Evo Pressure Suit It actually fits my shape really well and breathes quit well on top of it. Actually, since I only wear a shell jacket, it eliminates the need to wear anything underneath other than a t-shirt – awesome!!

Naturally, looking after the upper half of the body is not all that’s required, I have to protect that poor ole’ tail bone – aka coccyx. Therefore I decided upon adequate protectionProtect Yo Ass! for this and purchased some Dainese Seamless Winter Shorts. And that’s it, or so I thought.

Anyway, cruising along on the first day out and what do I do? Yes, get too close to a fucking skier who decides to swing across my way before I’m out of sight. Instead of being a mean f$%k and letting her take the fall I was forced to swap edge whilst heading the wrong direction. Recipe = Disaster. I went down, and hard…..but I hit my back in a new place and all was well in the world. That was until towards the end of the day where I guess I was getting really tired/lazy and I decided not to bend my knees to much. The sucky outcome of that is that you kinda have less control of your board and your movement isn’t so well synchronized with your body movement. Needless to say there was not a clown in sight yet I still ate it hard. Saw stars for a couple of seconds, as mentioned above, and hit my back in exactly the same place as a year ago. That freaking hurt, let me tell you.

So I was kind of worried what the outcome would be – I mean, I didn’t want to go another half year of not feeling my left foot plus back pain for a full year. Not to mention all the MRIs, Doctor’s appointments and Physio. But even though my back really hurt, the protective stuff did its duty. It spread the impact throughout my back muscles and didn’t localize it in any one place, especially not the vertebrae themselves. Thankfully. I can only imagine the scenario had I not been wearing all my gear for that impact. So although I am still somewhat stiff, I am more or less ok. My left knee is another story entirely, I hit it really hard on some ice and it feels kind weird, I definitely can’t kneel on it. Let’s see how that goes though.

So what could I possibly do to improve the situation even more? I mean, I certainly don’t want to stop snowboarding. Well, I could, and will, get this backpack Free Rider 18that also includes a back-protector from Ortovox. Having an extra cushion sitting on my back that I can also store a polar fleece in as well as fluid for the thirsty days is ideal. The last few days or so one of my friends Basti, was kind enough to lend me his backpack and that was great. Any tumble felt like a fall through the clouds….well, almost anyway ๐Ÿ˜‰

The snow we had was awesome though. I really wish I hadn’t hurt myself the first day, but what do you do. Monday and Tuesday it dumped down, and although the weather was somewhat grey and lacking in clarity, nevertheless the powder made up for it. We were staying in a much nicer pad too and we all had a bunch of fun together, like always, and like always, consumed a lot of beer together. I don’t remember bringing any empties down though, I think I may be guilty of not doing much rubbish duty this time round…..oops!

Somehow it’s funny though, after having lived here for so long I don’t seem to get as excited about the snow as I used to. I think that has a lot to do with the fact that we get a bunch of snow here in Berlin (OK – no mountains to use it) and it gets freakishly cold. I mean, it’s still freaking cold. It makes me kind of over the cold weather – whereas in Sydney, being in true snowy coldness is a luxury that not everyone can afford. These days, I seem to be gravitating to taking my holidays in warmer and sunnier places.

It’s a theory anyway…………

Chilling at -10 degrees

Looking Down the Run Powder Roof



Is getting the better of me lately.

Nicaragua was great! But it all seem like a distant memory now ๐Ÿ™

I will definitely add some photos when I have finally gone through them all…….I am a certified diver now – yay!! (and I touched a shark)

Anyway, this is just a quick one to say hey…..I’m still alive. I really need to break it down at some point, but that won’t be just yet. Leaving for Switzerland tomorrow for snowboarding – yay!!

Until I get back from there then, stay safe ๐Ÿ™‚

May be the last post for the year ;-)

Well, this may be it. I can’t say it’s been a bad year I guess, although I certainly can’t say it’s been a great one. The accident I had back in March whilst snowboarding has basically screwed me for the entire year and is leading into next year too. Who knows if I’ll be able to snowboard next year, I mean, I still really hope so – but it isn’t looking good at the moment…..grrrrrr

Anyways, a lot was done and a lot of successes were made, both personally and professionally, lets hope for more of the same next year. So here you go, a preemptive Happy New Year to all of you. All the best for 2013!!

And here’s a track that rocked me out this year…..mix it into something minimal/deep and turn the volume up ๐Ÿ™‚