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New Photo Albums

So, Mount Kimbie last night was pretty cool, and I have been motivated enough today to finally add some of our holiday photos from New York and Nicaragua. Now you’ll see two new albums to the right under the ‘Photo Albums’ section……enjoy 🙂

You might also notice that I have removed the Flickr Badge photo app from the sidebar. Why did I do this? Very simple answer to that. Because Flickr sucks total ass these days and quite frankly, when something becomes too difficult to update, as in this case – I wanted to finally add new photos to my flickr stream after 6 years of not having done so – then I am no longer interested.

So good riddance Flickr, with the unfortunate side-effect being that I also have to say ciao to the Flickr Badge app that I was using to display the photos…..

Once again getting the better of me…

Yes, time that is.

It is flying along.

I mean, I have been super, super busy both at work and at home doing a bunch of things.

Let’s cover what has happened lately though:

  • Had a bike accident and hurt my left leg
  • Downhill mountain biking in Harz
  • Interviewing potential candidates for the new position at work
  • Ina celebrated her 35th birthday
  • Went to Croatia to visit Ina’s dad and go sailing
  • Helped Ina move into a friends apartment in P’berg
  • Someone built a pump track just up the street that I have been taking advantage of

I wish I had the time to write a better post, but an overview is all I can manage at the moment.

And I know, I still don’t have photos up from Nicaragua, not from Croatia – time, time, time…

Still gotta visit my sister before she leaves London.

How will I manage all of this? I mean, I also want to plan a trip for Ina and myself to Poland (maybe Krakow) for a weekend get-away to celebrate our anniversary. Man 0 man.

Anyways, I’ll leave you with a fav of the moment – take care all!




Is getting the better of me lately.

Nicaragua was great! But it all seem like a distant memory now 🙁

I will definitely add some photos when I have finally gone through them all…….I am a certified diver now – yay!! (and I touched a shark)

Anyway, this is just a quick one to say hey…..I’m still alive. I really need to break it down at some point, but that won’t be just yet. Leaving for Switzerland tomorrow for snowboarding – yay!!

Until I get back from there then, stay safe 🙂

Following the last, here’s the first…

So, well into the New Year already…hope it has been a good start for everyone. Last year was a mixture of good and bad, definitely more good than bad, but one accident made it suck a whole lot. So let’s do a quick and dirty tally ~


  • Snowboarding with the Czarni All Stars
  • Awesome  holiday in Hong Kong/China
  • New Snowboard
  • Fixed my turntables
  • Got a new mixer to go with said turntables
  • Learnt how to be a better manager


  • Wolfgang died
  • Had an accident snowboarding which took me out the entire year
  • Missing home but have neither the time nor money to get back there

There you go. Clearly, it was a good year. And as you may notice, I have created 3 new photo albums, Riga, Hong Kong and China. I know it took me a while to do, but hey, it was done in the end 🙂

This year has already started off pretty hardcore. It’s unusually busy at work for this time of year, and I’m off on holiday for the month of February. I have faith in my team and I’m sure they can manage it, but I would really like to be able to still check in to work whilst on holiday. The fact that internet is so scarce in some of the places we’re travelling to makes me a little nervous. I mean, roaming charges are huge, and I don’t want my work to pick up the bill for that. But wow. I will be a little on edge. They’re a good team though and I have trained them well (even if I do say so myself), so let’s see.

Anyway, yeah, flying out Thursday morning, super early to New York baby! But that ain’t the highlight, just a few days there because I haven’t been there for so long and Ina is kind enough to entertain me. So you know, the usual drill in NY. Checking out some bars, clubs, galleries…..basically just chilling. And it will be chilly. Certainly no warmer than here, if anything…..colder.

After NY though it’s on to warmer places. Nicaragua to be exact. First going to stay for nearly a week on Little Corn Island and do some diving and whatnot. Man am I looking forward to that. Beaches and sea, something that has become a rarity in my life of late. Thereafter we’ll go back to the mainland and travel around, all the way down to Costa Rica before eventually heading back home to Berlin. 4 weeks though, how awesome!!

That’s pretty much all the news though. A lot of concerts coming up here in Berlin that I’d love to see, but you can’t have everything can you? Hardcore holidays, going out, concerts, restaurants……the list goes on. I guess we all just have to decide what is the most important thing and work down from there. Certainly the most important thing is life and living, therefore all the essentials that come with that. Afterwards everything is really a luxury. What poison you choose is up to you…………..