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Whoa….how time flies when you’re having fun!!

So, on my last update I shared that I’d moved back to Sydney, and well, I’m still here. It’s been 5 months yesterday. Kinda funny really, since yesterday was the first day I got sunburnt after being back. Damn was it hot…typical stupid tourist behaviour was what I displayed….doh!

But other than the temporary sunburn, life here is great, what can I say. In comparison with Berlin:

  • I wake up to the sea in my ears
  • I can quite literally see dolphins and whales from my bedroom window
  • The sun just doesn’t stop shining – well, unless there are the typical sub-tropical violent storms we occasionally get and are also super cool
  • People here are super friendly and super nice
  • The food is hugely varied, authentic and delicious
  • I have my family here
  • I have all my oldest friends here

And I’m still not done catching up with my friends. Of course I still miss my friends in Berlin, but as time goes by, that feeling becomes more distant. Sad but true….I guess that’s just how life goes.

Anyways, I got a haircut before Christmas and finally got rid of the Berlin mohawk. For Christmas I went up to the Hunter with Pia and her mum and met up with my parents. And then came back down to Sydney for New Years where I had a pretty quiet but awesome one (how very mature!) spending it on the cliffs of Maroubra with Pia.

So instead of boring you with more tales I’ll just share a few photos. So here you go 🙂 I hope you all had an awesome Christmas and New Year!! Hopefully we’ll all catch up at some point soon!! And here’s wishing you the best of 2016!!

Following the last, here’s the first…

So, well into the New Year already…hope it has been a good start for everyone. Last year was a mixture of good and bad, definitely more good than bad, but one accident made it suck a whole lot. So let’s do a quick and dirty tally ~


  • Snowboarding with the Czarni All Stars
  • Awesome  holiday in Hong Kong/China
  • New Snowboard
  • Fixed my turntables
  • Got a new mixer to go with said turntables
  • Learnt how to be a better manager


  • Wolfgang died
  • Had an accident snowboarding which took me out the entire year
  • Missing home but have neither the time nor money to get back there

There you go. Clearly, it was a good year. And as you may notice, I have created 3 new photo albums, Riga, Hong Kong and China. I know it took me a while to do, but hey, it was done in the end 🙂

This year has already started off pretty hardcore. It’s unusually busy at work for this time of year, and I’m off on holiday for the month of February. I have faith in my team and I’m sure they can manage it, but I would really like to be able to still check in to work whilst on holiday. The fact that internet is so scarce in some of the places we’re travelling to makes me a little nervous. I mean, roaming charges are huge, and I don’t want my work to pick up the bill for that. But wow. I will be a little on edge. They’re a good team though and I have trained them well (even if I do say so myself), so let’s see.

Anyway, yeah, flying out Thursday morning, super early to New York baby! But that ain’t the highlight, just a few days there because I haven’t been there for so long and Ina is kind enough to entertain me. So you know, the usual drill in NY. Checking out some bars, clubs, galleries…..basically just chilling. And it will be chilly. Certainly no warmer than here, if anything…..colder.

After NY though it’s on to warmer places. Nicaragua to be exact. First going to stay for nearly a week on Little Corn Island and do some diving and whatnot. Man am I looking forward to that. Beaches and sea, something that has become a rarity in my life of late. Thereafter we’ll go back to the mainland and travel around, all the way down to Costa Rica before eventually heading back home to Berlin. 4 weeks though, how awesome!!

That’s pretty much all the news though. A lot of concerts coming up here in Berlin that I’d love to see, but you can’t have everything can you? Hardcore holidays, going out, concerts, restaurants……the list goes on. I guess we all just have to decide what is the most important thing and work down from there. Certainly the most important thing is life and living, therefore all the essentials that come with that. Afterwards everything is really a luxury. What poison you choose is up to you…………..




Man has it been a crazy year. I don’t really know that I can quite tackle the job of summing it up yet, I mean, there were amazing ups and then there were the crashing downs.

I think I have been, at some points this year anyway, more sad and sorry for myself than I’ve ever been in my entire life. There have been some seriously terrible moments. Too depressing even now to think about – a tear will well up in my eye if I do. I guess I have to consider myself lucky though, I’ve got an amazing bunch of supportive friends (thanks guys, you know who you are), and a great job with an awesome company and amazingly understanding and supportive colleagues…..and now an awesome new pad with cool-as flat-mates, so I guess it ain’t all bad. No, not all bad at all.

Flying out to Frankfurt tomorrow for Christmas with Ina’s family funnily enough, I mean, Ina and I are getting along a lot better these days and hopefully, if all goes well, things will just keep on improving. Let’s see what the new year brings huh!? Hopefully not more heartache/heartbreak, I don’t think I could handle any more of that for the time-being.

Anyway, after Frankfurt we’ll be back in Berlin on Monday night and on Wednesday it’s my birthday…so a little celebration at The Bird with a few friends for that one. Nothing serious mind, just burgers and beer – some of my favorites. And then there’s New Year – still no idea what I’m doing for that. Oh, did I mention that it is absolutely crazy at work as well? I mean, the only night I’ve gotten out of here before 9.30pm this week was Tuesday – and that was only because of the appointment with a counselor that Ina and I had. It is insane. So much work, skeleton staff, lots of sickness – and a software company like ours generally makes around 60% of their revenue in the last month of the year. So you can imagine.

I will be so happy to be sitting on a plane tomorrow – not that that will be the end of it, oh no, my iPhone is connected to work and I need to stay contactable just in case any confusion or issues arise due to my absence. Hopefully everything will go swimmingly until I return (02.01.12) – that is the plan.

Now it’s time for an inspirational classic video timeout:

Is there a hint in that somewhere? Yes, you know it. What with all the celebrations going on at this time of year I thought why not mention a celebration of our own that is planned for Friday the 13th, January next year. It is your classic house party, no real reason to have it other than to have it. I mean, I am relatively new in the apartment/area but that isn’t the reason. We kinda just wanna have a party – and really, is there a better date!? So check the flyer below for info (by yours truly), and if you’re in the area in the evening and we know each other somehow, you’re more than welcome to drop on by…..I guess any time from 9pm onwards…. 🙂