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Ordered but where is it??

Our new machine So, last week we ordered a new washing machine (which you can see to the left), but it was a little bit funny actually because after we’d ordered and paid for it we received an email the next day saying that they could no longer supply that washing machine and if we’d like a refund. Normally I would consider it good business practice to offer alternative washing machines and at the very end of the mail mention that a refund would be possible if desired but there you go. Really funny thing is too that it was only the model we were looking at that was superseded, so really the company (mentioning no names) should have simply advised us of that and ask if we’d like to go ahead with the newer model. Anyway, to cut a long story short, and as I’m sure you can already presume, we realised that the model had been superseded and changed the order to that one. Seriously though, they could have lost a sale. It’s really cool looking though and should perform pretty well and we’re being environmentally conscious since it has an A+ energy rating. It’s called the Indesit Moon…….funky name too!

Also ordered a new phone as I’m just using an old Nokia for the interim since my last phone broke, ordered it last week (actually got my sisters boyfriend to pick it up in London because phones are a lot cheaper there!) and he sent it on Friday and I can see by looking on Royal Mail’s website that it was sent to the Berlin Mail Depot on Saturday but as yet has not arrived to me. Now I’m starting to get a little bit anxious because I’ve had a few things get to the Berlin Mail Depot and just never make it here, I think the last thing was a pair of speaker stands. I don’t really want to lose faith in the Berlin mail service but I must say, they are not really instilling confidence in me. I guess I’ll wait until the end of the week and if it still hasn’t turned up will have to get Chris (my sisters boyfriend) to make a claim, bugger! Problem is I really need a new phone as the battery on the old Nokia just doesn’t cut the mustard anymore. Oh well, let’s wait and see.

Second interview today, wish me luck. Thank god it’s a bit cooler today though, nothing more embarrassing than sitting with people you hardly know and sweating profusely (some would say like a glass blowers arse), I guess you gotta be lucky sometimes.

Well, been studying German pretty hardcore lately and as usual, the more you think you know the more you realise you don’t. It’s a real p.i.t.a. that the last two exams are so much after the course has finished. Again though, what can I do? Still, should be ok, really need to practice my speaking though because that’s the hard part for me these days.

Anyway, better run, will keep you all posted 🙂

One down two to go….

So……….had my first German exam today (which was fun haha!) but I think it went well. Now I just have two more to look forward to, one on the 17th, July and the final one on the 22nd, July. After that I am officially a free man, a bit daunting really since I’ve been studying for a while now and am not really looking forward to having no particular set schedule, but there you go…..that’s life. Things will change soon enough and then I can divert my energy into something else.

Got a small study group tomorrow because I really feel the need to polish some parts of my German grammar up before the written section of the final exam. Over the last 3 weeks that we’ve been doing German history I have an inkling that perhaps I’ve forgotten a few grammatical things here and there and there’s no way I’m walking into that exam unprepared!!

Oh oh!On an up note, I’ve already started my campaign to find another job (since I soon won’t be going to school daily anymore – and god, what a terrible time to be looking – think economic stagnation) and have found one job in particular that seems perfect for my skills, education and natural talent (sorry, but if I don’t big myself up who will??) and have just received a rather positive response i.e. interview opportunity. Hopefully all goes well, cross your fingers for me!!

Well, still a relatively average summer here but hang in there, it really only officially started the other day and today was quite beautiful in fact, I have a sun-kissed forehead to prove it 🙂