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Whoa….how time flies when you’re having fun!!

So, on my last update I shared that I’d moved back to Sydney, and well, I’m still here. It’s been 5 months yesterday. Kinda funny really, since yesterday was the first day I got sunburnt after being back. Damn was it hot…typical stupid tourist behaviour was what I displayed….doh!

But other than the temporary sunburn, life here is great, what can I say. In comparison with Berlin:

  • I wake up to the sea in my ears
  • I can quite literally see dolphins and whales from my bedroom window
  • The sun just doesn’t stop shining – well, unless there are the typical sub-tropical violent storms we occasionally get and are also super cool
  • People here are super friendly and super nice
  • The food is hugely varied, authentic and delicious
  • I have my family here
  • I have all my oldest friends here

And I’m still not done catching up with my friends. Of course I still miss my friends in Berlin, but as time goes by, that feeling becomes more distant. Sad but true….I guess that’s just how life goes.

Anyways, I got a haircut before Christmas and finally got rid of the Berlin mohawk. For Christmas I went up to the Hunter with Pia and her mum and met up with my parents. And then came back down to Sydney for New Years where I had a pretty quiet but awesome one (how very mature!) spending it on the cliffs of Maroubra with Pia.

So instead of boring you with more tales I’ll just share a few photos. So here you go 🙂 I hope you all had an awesome Christmas and New Year!! Hopefully we’ll all catch up at some point soon!! And here’s wishing you the best of 2016!!


I guess I’d better report on my time in Croatia while it’s still relatively fresh. Went down there cause Ina’s dad has a holiday house there and in the 7 years we’ve known each other I have only met him twice before. Seemed like a good idea at the time………………….

Flew into Zagreb and stayed there for a few days, a very nice little city with great food, cakes and gelato. People are also very friendly, so it was a good start (apart from the fact that it was pissing down with rain so bad like I hardly see anywhere!!). It didn’t help that we were recommended to bring only summer clothes with us (from inside sources – hint) because it was sooooooo hot. Luckily Ina and I both took our rain jackets with us and had a pair of long pants so we were ok. In all honesty I have to say, 2 days there is definitely enough, 3 was maybe going a bit overboard.

Anyway, from there we flew into Pula which was a massive climate change. It was hot, really hot. That was what I was hoping for because I really wanted to have a swim in the ocean. We had 9 nights + 10 days with Ina’s dad where he has a holiday house in Trget. Very lovely little spot on the Adriatic. 10 days was a bit of work though………………….well, a lot of work. I guess I won’t go into that, sometimes I never really know who’s reading this. I’ve given the lowdown to some of you out there already and if you twist my arm I guess I can give more up though.

So, Ina’s dad Rudy, also has a sailing boat and we went around some of the islands for a couple of days which was nice. First time we went out we had to come back in because there were warnings that the “Bora” was coming (a really strong wind that kills people out at sea every year). We were coming back at night and almost grounded ourselves on a beach due to a few things, GPS settings, auto pilot, map reading, skipper…………………….that was fun, NOT! A few days later we went out again and had really good weather with good wind,unfortunately one of the sails ripped (don’t like to say that I told anyone it was going to happen but hey, I did!). There was a spare sail down below and I set about the task of swapping them, got the ripped one down and hooked the new one in only to notice that one of the ropes was quite short and had drifted quite high up the mast. Climbed up the mast, grabbed the rope brought it back down and got the sail on. Slightly smaller one but it did the job. After coming back from that sailing expedition we only had one more night before our trip was to continue further down the coast, I slept very well with that knowledge.

We picked up a hire car from Pula airport and headed for Zadar. This is a very cool city with massive high city walls, nice cafs, bars, pizza and people. It is also kind of an island with only bridge access, very cool.

After Zadar we headed to Bol which is on the island Brac, this is a relatively popular tourist destination that can only be accessed via boat. We drove onto the car ferry and zipped across (I love car ferries!!!) it’s a very beautiful place in that typical kind of island way.

After Bol we headed down the other end of the island and left on yet another car ferry, much smaller, hard to believe they can fit all those cars on sometimes. Once on the mainland, we headed to Dubrovnic. This was definitely the highlight of our holiday (in my mind anyhow). It’s got to be one of the most beautiful cities I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen a lot of cities. All made from stone with huge walls, man is it cool. During the war the Bosnians tried to destroy it and it was extremely damaged but they’ve really fixed it up. Such a cool vibe there, man was that place cool.

After Dubrovnic we were on our return journey to get back home to Berlin, so our final port of call was Split. It’s listed on the world heritage organisation and we were expecting something rather nice (in lieu of Dubrovnic), unfortunately it just wasn’t. It was the most expensive city we’d been to in Croatia, the least friendly and the dirtiest. Complete waste of time unless you are island hopping since Split is home to Croatia’s largest harbour. One redeeming feature (kind of) was the cake shop in the palace, man did they have some good cakes. Not putting shit on German cakes or anything, nah hang on, I think I am.

So, here I now am, safe and sound back in Berlin, oooh, oooh……………..I forgot to mention, Croatia’s beer is one of the shittiest I’ve ever had!! Slowly Autumn is coming, well not that slow as a matter of fact, and the days are getting much shorter. Looking forward to winter and snow though, although if reports are true, winter this year will be much like the last.

Hope everyone’s happy and safe, just joined facebook (or should I say, got suckered into it) so look me up if you feel like it. Until next time, take care. xxoo