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Change management and the fear of all things new

Today is my anniversary. It was on this day exactly 12 months ago that I stepped onto that plane at my then local Tegal airport, Berlin, to make the move back to Sydney, Australia. And it’s so funny thinking back to that time. Since although I consider Sydney my true home, I was nevertheless semi-terrified (although obviously not showing it! :-P) after being 10 years in Berlin. It’s always the way isn’t it? I mean, that certainly wasn’t the first time I’ve moved around the world and it shouldn’t have been a scary thing since I didn’t have much to fear. My family and an awesome friend circle were here waiting for me in Sydney. I was about to meet the best girl ever. I was taking my job with me.

It just goes to show you how resistant to change we are as humans – it’s in our psyche.

And this happens everywhere. Why are we so naturally resistant to change? Whether it be at work trying to encourage colleagues or customers to adopt new technology or processes that will actually improve efficiency, transparency and output, or whether it’s completely personal. Why do we get bogged down with the ‘old stuff’ and fear the new? Although there might be a feeling of safety by staying with what’s tried and trusted instead of actively employing change as a methodology of daily life, it actually increases the danger to you as an individual, and certainly a company. As an individual you might not be exploring your true potential and pushing your boundaries, and as a company you may be left behind in the dust of others who embraced change.

It’s like Wayne Gretzy said “You miss 100 percent of the shots you never take.” So although change can be intimidating, there’s no time like the present to try it out. Yes, it might not work out – but at least then you’ll know……right?

resistance to change

Speechless (not what you think)

Well, time is moving right along….I mean, geez louise, I really feel like I just posted the other week……and don’t say it’s because of the hit on the head, it’s just been so freaking busy. I mean, on top of my ‘normal’ work in the last month or so I have organized my work’s 10 year anniversary party, interviewed countless applicants for a job I had posted, employed the successful candidate (who I am now training) all whilst still trying to keep in contact with friends and family alongside my other weekly activities such as climbing.

I’m sure things used to be easier.

We celebrated our 10 year anniversary at Uma Restaurant and it went really well. Actually, this was the easiest event I’ve ever had to organize, even considering the time-pressure I was under (only had four weeks to do everything), which was mainly due to the professionalism of the staff. I can’t fault them. E-mail communication was excellent, the location is beautiful and the food was awesome. A very nice job indeed. The whole day in fact was what I would consider a success (it was an entire day of events ending with dinner at Uma). After Uma, all that were game continued the night on at the Newton Bar – so named after the photographer.

Well, it was valentines day yesterday and since Ina and I are doing our best to get back on track with each other we decided to go to Tipi am Kanzleramt to see a show called Speechless to celebrate it together. It is a really clever pantomime type show that blends modern technology and pantomime into something you’ve probably never really seen before. Some parts of the show were truly great and I think I can be safe in saying that both Ina and I enjoyed it a lot. Take a look below:

So now I have my snowboarding trip to look forward to along with maybe another couple of things…..although I will definitely keep you informed if anything super cool happens…..that is if I have the time/energy/inspiration to do so 😉

p.s. Bought new snowboarding boots today: Forum – The Booter Not super hot on the color….well, I mean, it’s black with some ruby red on it….black is ok but why oh why the ruby red. But they are just so damn comfortable in comparison with other boots I’ve tried and all our snow gear is on sale at the moment, and I needed new boots….so hey….what the hell. Comfort is waaaaaayyy more important than colors I guess. But seriously, ruby red?

p.p.s. Got an iPhone 4S now that I somehow seem determined to destroy…..just like all my other poor phones. Dropping it has become a daily occurrence. I was taking a photo with it just last night and dropped it into the snow – the snow you think, that was lucky……you’d think so wouldn’t you? Well, when I got home and was finally in proper light, I noticed that somehow one of the ‘oh so fantastic’ stainless steel sides got pretty trashed from the drop…….snow huh!? Whodda thunk it? It survived better from the drop in the bathroom onto the tiled floor…..oh well, ho hum. Only a phone. And no, I will not put it into one of those stupid cases or put a bumper on it. Stuff just gets beat up from use. I realized that very young as a kid skateboarder – the first grind always hurts inside – you pay for beautiful artwork on the bottom of your deck only to eventually grind it all off.