Yes, blogging can kill you…..dangerous hobbies I have indeed (well, that and surfing and let’s not forget knitting :-P)


A small win – updated header images – yay :-)

If you’re browsing my site you might notice that it’s not only Berlin pictures displaying in the header anymore but finally also Sydney. I know, I know, it took me ages….what can I say – I’m a busy guy….hehehe 😛

I mean, on top of work and the minor site update I also got around to repairing one of my turntables that was broken yet again. Well I mean, they both are/were. I’ve come to the realisation that they’re not a fan of international travel whatsoever. Both were damaged on the way here, even though they were – as usual – packed extremely securely in their flight cases – maybe they’re trying to tell me something….hmmmm….perhaps 1st class travel would make them happier!?

Anyways, I had to replace the main circuit board on one to get it all happy again and I still have the other one outstanding with a rather sad looking tonearm. I don’t know how many tonearms I’ve gone through over the lifetime of these things, but it’s rather a lot. And although I used to repair them quite enthusiastically, I’m kind of a little sick of doing it nowadays. And soldering the super fine wires from the tonearm to the circuit board is such a PIA. Oh well…..what’s a guy to do. So I’ll have to order one and grin and bear the repair job when it turns up.

After this I’ll need to configure the turntables to connect to my iTunes library via Traktor all over again…..since I had another issue with my iTunes library. What can I say – human error (doh!), I effectively deleted the entire thing. So praise be to backups 🙂 But this also means the library DB isn’t looking quite the same to Traktor as it used to….and instead of manicuring the DB I think it’ll just be easier to do it directly in Traktor……oh well. I mean, Traktor is good and all, but there’s a lot of manual data editing to get everything playing nicely together in an ordered fashion – and we all know how I like things to be smooth and organised. Again, I ask ya – what’s a guy to do eh!? I have to say though, and there’s a lesson for you kids, look after those backups!! If I didn’t have a backup, I would have lost all my digital music entirely. That’s everything, all my CDs that I imported. all my records that I imported…..the collection favourites and sorting dating back to 2001 (yes, an extremely early iTunes adopter). Not cool!

Anyway – that’s what I’ve been squeezing into my spare time of late. Way too cold for surf or swim, so hunkering down and doing rather indoorsy things of late. The perfect opportunity to knock over some of those tasks that are difficult to justify when the sun’s shining on your doorstep 🙂

Winter is here – or is it?

It’s official. It is now Winter in Sydney, but I have to say, it isn’t quite the same as what I’d become used to on the other side of the globe. This is what I woke up to today:


Can I live with this? You betcha 😛

Sydney life…the sun of it

Looking at this site makes me see that I really need to update the header images! They’re not really representative of where I am anymore. Hmmmm……need to get onto that. Just finding the time is a little tricky of late – so much juggling, and I’ve gotta be honest, I’m not all that good of a juggler 😛

On a side note – The Cure is touring – yay! Have only waited a lifetime to see them….finally it will happen. So freaking happy 🙂