Me!Who am I? Why am I here? All these questions and more, that as yet, remain unanswered.

My name’s Jordan. Originally from Wellington, N.Z. and have hop-scotched across the globe a few times making a number of places my home whilst searching for the meaning of life (I kid, I kid!!).

This blog will essentially cover the trials and tribulations of my life from living both in Berlin, as well as Sydney, and will no doubt include some humour, sarcasm and general bitching. It doesn’t really matter where you live – no where’s perfect – and the differences between Sydney and Berlin certainly calls for some notes to be taken on occasion 😛

Essentially though, this is a recording of parts of my life (when I can be bothered that is) that are intended for no one in particular. So I guess what I’m trying to say is that if I offend you in any way it is probably best you move on……..sorry 🙁

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