Monthly Archive for September, 2015

And back in Sydney…

It’s been a bit of a whirlwind……the last week in Berlin was certainly crazy, chaotic, amazing, sad, fun, awesome, scary……everything compressed into one tiny week that jumped out at me as if from nowhere.

I was really lucky though. The last two weeks I was in Berlin I was staying with one of my best mates Thommy, and his girlfriend Dani – also an awesome friend. So we could hang, and it meant that I wasn’t alone in an empty apartment in Prenzlauer Berg. They are the best friends anyone could ever have. I am truly a lucky guy.

And now I’ve been back in Sydney for a little over 4 weeks and I have to admit, I’d forgotten how much I love it. I love the weather, the people, the city, the places, the vibe….just so, so much. Of course, no city is perfect. The public transport here is a bit sucky at times, but they are slowly improving it – adding new sections to the light rail, closing down streets for pedestrian use only, adding bike lanes – it’ll get there. Everything takes time. And this is still a very new city in comparison with somewhere like Berlin…

Berlin. Yes, my old home. And I’d be lying if I said I didn’t miss it. But I don’t miss the place that much really. What I really miss, and what I knew I’d struggle with, is missing my friends. Over a period of 10 years you tend to carve out a life for yourself. And without noticing it, that’s exactly what I did. Playing table tennis together, kicker, PS, hanging, talking shit whilst staying inside and keeping warm, drinking beer, drinking glühwein, mountain biking, snowboarding, laughing at the things only we would laugh about. Joking about the things that only we would understand. Even the damn language and its peculiarities. Those are the hardest things to let go.

But it’s ok to be sad, it’s healthy to be sad, so long as you don’t let yourself sink into despair. Cause I have absolutely nothing to despair about. I have great friends here, have met some truly wonderful new people, and know the future is looking bright. And I haven’t lost those friendships back in Berlin either, they’re still alive and well. It’s more they are on a hiatus. We stay in contact, some of us more or less on a daily basis, but it’s not like we can hang. We can Skype, but it’s not like we can have a beer together and talk about the deeper sides to life. We can talk about the things we’re up to, but it’s not like we can do them together. I am too far away. I am at the end of the world. The killer distance. Der Todesstoß. And I guess that’s the hardest part. I already knew it. Shit, I’ve been here before. But it never really gets any easier. I just cannot jump on a plane and fly an hour or so and say hi! That is not a possibility.

But enough of that crap. Let’s talk about Sydney!

So. Essentially I am a tourist in my own city. I don’t remember the public transport system. I don’t remember how it works. I don’t remember what side of the road to look out for – it’s not that I don’t remember, it’s just my first instinct is to look to the left – and not the right. Very dangerous. I don’t have a good city map in my head. I could go on. It is a little annoying at times.

  1. The first time I jumped on a bus, I got on through the back door to have the bus driver tell me off. That was on day 6 of being back here, and the first bus ride. Mental note – do not get on bus via back door.
  2. I keep forgetting to swipe my opal card when I get off a bus, or out at a train stop anywhere because I always had an app that looked after that in Berlin.
  3. I forgot that it’s sub-tropical here and can rain like a bastard, but only for 5 – 10 minutes. So just stay under cover for this period of time and you’ll be fine.
  4. I forgot which walkway tunnel exits where, and continually exit in a part of the city I don’t recognise – because everything has changed in appearance.
  5. I keep walking into people on the footpath because I’m walking on the right side and not the left like most people do here.
  6. I keep converting prices back to euros because I just can’t get a handle on how much things actually cost otherwise.

It’s an adventure I tell you. And I like it. Although when I got absolutely saturated here last night because I forgot about point #3 I wasn’t all smiles I can assure you. And today is a big catch up day. So I need to stop writing this post and get out there and do it.

And that’s it in a nutshell so far. And so far so good. Slowly connecting with old friends again. Catching up on all the changes that have gone on over time. There is a lot to digest, and digest I will!

Here are a few shots that pretty much sum up why I came back, enough said: