Monthly Archive for July, 2015

Buda and the pest….

So here I am on the Pest side of Budapest and I’ve got to say, I’m really pleasantly surprised by how beautiful it is here. I mean, the people alone are a treat, so warm and welcoming. But the lovely architecture is really where it’s at – just stunning!

But I’d better not jump the gun. I should probably tell you how I got here. As that was an adventure in itself!!

On Friday afternoon I flew out of Berlin with a friend and into Warsaw for a small trip before meeting my parents in Bidapest. Well, I kind of already messed up since I was meant to meet my olds on Saturday, but had planned to stay in Warsaw until Sunday afternoon. Grrrr…. I mean. I use my calendar religiously, and have no idea how I could have such a conflict of dates. But there you go. So there was only one thing to do – book a flight from Warsaw to Budapest and forget about the Warsaw return, as well as the Budapest flight from Berlin. Not so bad really, slightly stupid, but no lives were lost right!?

Anyways, the flight from Warsaw to Budapest was meant to leave at 3:40pm but was delayed. No problem, Warsaw airport (Chopin has an awesome business lounge (unlike some cities – yes, I am referring to you Berlin!!). And lucky they do, as I was feeling just a tad fragile due to an evening/day of excess with some polish locals. Awesome guys, awesome night. Anyways, eventually the flight received an updated departure time of 8:00pm. Well, I was hanging out in the lounge and still boarding wasn’t happening – even though it was already 8:00pm. I was starting to get a little worried the flight would be cancelled, and I’d miss getting there on Sunday evening, which was already a day later than planned. So I asked the girl at the desk who confirmed the flight would be leaving, and I should probably get to the gate at around 8:30pm. So all good.

In the end I guess I arrived here in Budapest at around 11:00pm or so. Later than originally planned, but totally ok. I mean, I was in no hurry. So no point stressing! And boy was it hot. I mean it was hot in Warsaw, but somehow seemed even hotter here. And today was a scorcher. And with the lack of air conditioning as is commonplace in Europe, it feels even hotter.

But as I started with, what a fantastic city!!! So happy I came, and so happy to see my parents again. I mean, after living in Berlin I don’t often get the opportunity to see them all that often, so to meet in a city like this one is great.

The food, music and vibe here is awesome. I mean, I stepped out last night – a Monday night mind you – and the town was kicking!!!! And I mean kicking. Met some locals, shot some shit, and came back to the apartment we’re staying in – which mind you is huge and awesome!!!

There was one minor issue though. And that is that I couldn’t work out how to get in. I had the code, and punched it in, but the door didn’t open – at least I didn’t think the door had opened. What I reckon happened though is that it did open, it’s just I was expecting a buzz which just didn’t happen. So there I was outside marooned, until I was rescued – just like in the old days – by my mum. She let me in and all was well.

I have since practiced with the locking mechanism and you will be happy to know I have it down-pat.

So that’s the news for now. Going. To the museum of terror tomorrow. Let’s see how that goes. Anywhere out of the sun is good. Might even have a swim tomorrow too…..who knows!!