Monthly Archive for April, 2015

Ride on….

So was at Mellow Park here in Berlin and must say it’s pretty cool. And I can also say I can pretty much ride again ok. I can’t fully contract my leg, but it’s ok I reckon. For sure I wasn’t doing any hardcore jumps, but rather concentrating on the pump track. And man did I pump the shit out of it. I mean, absolutely perfect for a guy that can’t really move one knee too well. No pedalling required, more about feeling the flow of the track. Somehow being really in touch with you and your bike. I like it! Why I haven’t done it before is a good freaking question???

And it’s a real pity. The first time I ever tried a pump track out was up the road from Czarnikauer Strasse where I used to live. And the track that local residents so carefully made and manicured has been fenced off by the local council for whatever reason. I mean, it is a vacant lot. Kids playgrounds here are just as dangerous, where’s the problem? But oh well. At least we’ll always have our Mellow Parks.

Which makes me wonder, I freaking hope there is something in Sydney like this place. I mean, I am going to beat the hell out of it this Spring/Summer, with the normal highlight of downhill in Harz. But I am certainly going to need something like that when I’m back home. I mean, hell, Sydney pretty much has everything right?