Monthly Archive for February, 2015

A lil’ bit easier…

Never one to take a break, I thought I’d do a bit of work on my site last night whilst feeling the full-effects of jet-lag.

Note to self – do not work on important stuff whilst experiencing jet-lag. First I brought my site down because of a damn typo I’d made in some code, and then I wasn’t switched on enough to think of an easy way to find it, so comped far too many files!

Oh well. At the end of the day though it was a success. You will see that when I insert photos directly into a post, like my recent post titled “San Francisco > San Jose: Working life in the Bay”, you can click on these photos. It will now take you to an internal page where the image is actually bigger than the thumbnail – not original size – but bigger nevertheless. Meaning you can click through all the pics pretty easily once at that page.

Sweet eh!?

Back in Berlin – yay!

Well, made it back here last night, meaning the weekend will be a super short one, but that’s ok, I think I’ll take a Friday off next week and have a long one 🙂 Just when I was leaving San Jose a huge storm came in – essentially they have had a drought for the last 4 years and it has hardly rained at all. So everyone was very happy about the rain apart from me. I had to drive back up to San Francisco and was hoping to do it in a convertible – so much for that eh!? So I swapped the car to a hardtop and gotta say, those were some of the worst conditions I have ever, ever driven in. It was freaking dangerous! Anyways, made it in one piece to the airport and hung out there for my flight. Of course it was delayed due to the terrible weather, but that’s ok, at least it left at all. Other people were quite literally stranded there!

So, as you can tell, a bit of jet lag is kinda how I’m feeling, was up super early and was very hungry. So I triple S’d it and came downstairs to eat something. Then I thought I might log in a write a quick post.