Monthly Archive for January, 2015

San Fran > San Jose: Working life in the Bay

So, just a quick post to say hey! Am here in the bay attempting to get some work done with the US contingent of my company. And you know what? I went in with an open mind (as usual – pretty much with everything I do) and it’s working out really well. We are solving problems that would be impossible to do at a distance, and I think I need that separation from Berlin, as well as the need to meet with our customers such as PayPal, Apple, and Facebook to get true insight to their needs/requirements. It’s so difficult to get the full picture from a distance!

So yeah, enjoying the sun, yes, it is still winter, but let’s be honest, it’s the equivalent of a Sydney winter – which I know all you guys in Sydney bitch about – but trust me – 10 degrees c ain’t cold! Harden the fuck up!!

Went up to Mission Peak this morning with a colleague (Mohamed) this morning and checked out the wonderful view of the bay area. Was really nice. I hope Mohamed’s not feeling too exhausted, I have a bad habit of dragging people along when I’m walking anywhere. I mean, I don’t consider myself fit by any means, but I guess in I kind of am. It’s really a habit I think I picked up from Ina – trust me, she still drags me along, so imagine 🙂

Anyway, really enjoying the sun, and the blue sky. Reminds me of what I used to call home, all those years ago. Living for the better part of 6 months in darkness is a joke. But you know how it goes…..if you don’t look out and all, it might just be you next.

A couple of photos for you below, nothing major, but a sneak into the Bay for ya.