Monthly Archive for September, 2014

Still truckin’

Still moving along, albeit quite a lot more slowly than I was kind of hoping for. It’s a just timing really, and predicting the fuckups that both you, and the builders are going to make.

The slate has been delivered, as you can see from the photos below. 840kg of it. Who is taking that up to the top level – we are – yay, go team! Seriously though, we looked at the delivery and were like, “awesome, with his truck arm thing he can place it right next to the front door” – which he did. And then we were like “awesome, it’s all on a pallet and individually wrapped in small packages” – yes we though, easier to get up all the stairs like that.

And then he delivered the pallet right next to the front door of the building, and we realised it was just that one pallet of stone tiles. It looked rather small. Deceptively small for something that was apparently so heavy.

We took the plastic wrap from the pallet and tested to see how heavy each smaller packet was and we were like “whoa, this is not all going to be done today – no way!” – and for the last week or so we have been coming home and taking a packet of slate up with us at the same time. Each packet weighs in itself 34kg. It is heavy stuff. That didn’t mean that we could leave it on the street though, no, fist we had to move all of them to the stairwell of our building at least – killer!