Monthly Archive for March, 2014

No news is good news right?

So, I guess it has been a while since I last posted.

Was in Australia for nearly 4 weeks. I guess it made me realize that:

a.) I am lucky enough to still have a pretty strong friend circle over that way after all this time


b.) Even though it’s expensive, I could totally live there again

Not to mention that it’s a pretty friendly place to be. Now that might seem strange and fake to an outsider, such as someone who grew up in Germany. But the fact of the matter is, that’s just how we are raised. When we smile and ask each other how our day is going, we are being polite and friendly – to not do so is considered strange, and even rude.

It all depends on how you were raised and what you are used to. What it really highlighted to me though is that I would way prefer someone being nice to me, even if it meant they were lying to my face, rather than being brutally honest and rude at the same time. I can live in ignorance, that’s fine. I don’t have to be miserable.

And who said being honest requires you to not be friendly? Don’t forget, even if you make yourself smile, although you might not be happy about anything, your mind will follow and you will feel happier 🙂

Anyway, did we get any of the tasks done that we were hoping to? Well, in a word, no. The aircon is not installed, the bank loan hasn’t been swapped over to another bank, about the only thing we got done was finally putting our stuff into long-term storage. Not sure how long-term that will be though. Between you and me, I’m slowly getting pretty sick of this place. I guess it has lost most of its charm on me by now. Berlin is a great place if you like the nightlife, but once you get over that, you realize that culturally, it is missing out on quite a bit.

At least we skipped winter though, came back here and Winter seems to have vanished, I mean, it’s 20 degrees today – which is madness! Good madness!!

Was meant to get an operation on my knee today, but it has been rescheduled due to some kind of difficulty. Now it will be on the 21st of May, and I will be getting a general anesthetic. Oh the joy. Not really looking forward to that, but then again neither am I looking forward to the operation I’ll have next week to remove one of my remaining wisdom teeth. It is lying sideways under other teeth so I have no freaking idea how they go about extracting a tooth like that. All I can imagine is that it is going to be painful once I awake from the general anesthetic. Really not looking forward to it.

Oh well. Have a great weekend, and catch you on the flipside 😉