Monthly Archive for December, 2013


Man, what can I say, I just like this guys stuff….and this latest collaboration with Nick Rutter does not disappoint. Here you’ve got another twist to the classic sad tale of love and loss. This time all managed into a timely 4 minutes and 33 seconds.

On top you might notice, I have finally increased the size of the embedded videos, more pixels for your viewing pleasure – hot dog!

So please enjoy Chrysalis, a short film by Nick Rutter with sound by Lapalux:

Feeling sad?

Well, the end of the year is very quickly drawing to a close and I don’t know if this will be my last post for the year or not. Winter is here, but it’s not, which is great! The sun was out today, the footpaths are dry, everything is awesome – if not a little cold – but the cold never hurt anyone! Sadly, one of my favorite Christmas Markets is closed this year, oh well. The ones at Alexanderplatz have really been spruced up though and are actually rather pleasant to be at.

Before the year does come to an end, I did want to post just one more clip. It’s got to be one of the more haunting songs of the year and I can imagine is a perfect song to play back on repeat when the love in your life has left you. Thank God that ain’t me this year 😉 Anyway, here it is, Lapalux – Without You. The video also won 2nd prize as best music video for the year.