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Not all cities are created equally!

Been a very busy month, mainly at work and not on the home-front, but as work seems to be invading more and more of my life lately, my impression of this month being very busy is relatively accurate. A new employee started this week, so I have been a bit bogged down with getting him up to speed and organizing training to make that happen. Anything that currently takes time away from my core work causes stress as I just don’t have the time to catch up unless I work late into the night. Not a favorite thing of mine to do 🙁

On top of that, managing my team is getting me down a bit at the moment. Life is getting me down a bit at the moment too. The two things combined do not make for a very happy time.

Why can’t some people see the bigger picture. Why are some people so immature when they have very clearly reached adulthood. Why do some people bring their attitude, problems, issues, and insecurities in to work with them and not notice that that is what they are doing. Also not noticing the negative effect it has on others around them.

All I can say is this, there is a very simple equation I work by. As my employee, once you become more work for me than the work you are doing for me, there is a serious imbalance. If this imbalance lasts for too long, then I’m afraid your days are numbered. If you do not notice this, and you don’t care that you are making your superiors life difficult, then I’m really sorry, but whatever happens is your own fault.

I am not saying I’m perfect – by no means – but I try and leave the imperfections at home – unfortunately for friends and family to deal with on occasion. More often than not it is poor old Ina that deals with it. And since I have not been in great shape lately, I’m afraid she has had to put up with a lot of it. Oh dear 🙁

On another note, visited Liz in London last weekend.

Ina, Matt, and Liz - admiring the glasses.

Ina, Matt, and Liz – admiring some bottles.

I guess the last time I’ll see her on this side of the world for quite some time. Liz is moving back to Australia with her boyfriend for the next year or so. Was really great to be in London again though. Now that is a city, not an overgrown Dorf like I live in. Ok, ok, I do like Berlin, it’s ok and most definitely has its cool points and great places…..but not really that many at the end of the day. In comparison with London, it just looks barren. There are so many of the same type of things here. No originality. But what I really miss is the multiculturalism and activities that you have available in a city like London. It puts Berlin to shame! Secretly I am quite jealous of her move. I miss Sydney and sometimes find myself at the end of my tether over this way. For a lot of reasons really, quite a lot of which unfortunately boil down to the nature/mentality of the people here. It’s just different and occasionally becomes so hard to deal with after so many years here. I have actually come to realise that some of the common habits here are invading my life and quite literally putting me in a full-blown state of depression. No good being depressed because then I tend to eventually get angry at all the things I am depressed about. Being angry with the inhabitants of a country is not a good thing when you live in said country if you know what I mean!!

One of my pain points for you. Ever wondered what the number 1. word apparently is over this way? That’s a relatively easy one for a seasoned veteran such as myself, it is: NO

It is the first thing to utter from a person’s mouth over here when you ask them something, or if you are telling someone something (even as simple as an anecdote). No, I can’t help you out there. No, I don’t see a way around that. No, that isn’t how it works. No that wasn’t how it was. No, we can’t get that in for you. No, no, no. I cannot fucking handle any ‘nos’ anymore. I mean, what the fuck kind of attitude is that anyway? For those who are living over here, here’s a fun experiment for you (or not – as the results are rather horrifying). Take a clicker (or anything that you can use to count actions with – be it an iPhone etc.) and measure how many times you hear no in one single day. I did this recently, and in a time period of 12 hours (10.00am – 10.00pm) I recorded the number of times no was said to me, which came to 79. That works out to be an average of no being said every 9 minutes. The thing is, so many of these ‘nos’ are completely unnecessary. I mean, if I am telling a story, only to be interrupted by someone to say “No, it wasn’t like that, you were wearing a T-shirt and not a pullover”. Is that no really necessary? Let me point out the obvious:

  1. You have interrupted me = rude
  2. Your input was pointless unless accuracy of story was crtical = rude/depressing

Why is it like this? Why do I have to put up with this? I know, I know, different societies have different values as well as mentalities, but I really don’t see the value in being like this unless you are in a situation where 100% accuracy is absolutely necessary. Otherwise just shut the fuck up and let someone get on with it without worrying too much about the details.

I could give you a million more situations, but quite frankly, this story is already depressing me so I think I’d better stop now and drink a beer – that will cool things down until I require the next one 😉

(only kidding, I'm not drinking any alcohol lately)

(only kidding, I’m not drinking any alcohol lately)