Monthly Archive for August, 2013

Once again getting the better of me…

Yes, time that is.

It is flying along.

I mean, I have been super, super busy both at work and at home doing a bunch of things.

Let’s cover what has happened lately though:

  • Had a bike accident and hurt my left leg
  • Downhill mountain biking in Harz
  • Interviewing potential candidates for the new position at work
  • Ina celebrated her 35th birthday
  • Went to Croatia to visit Ina’s dad and go sailing
  • Helped Ina move into a friends apartment in P’berg
  • Someone built a pump track just up the street that I have been taking advantage of

I wish I had the time to write a better post, but an overview is all I can manage at the moment.

And I know, I still don’t have photos up from Nicaragua, not from Croatia – time, time, time…

Still gotta visit my sister before she leaves London.

How will I manage all of this? I mean, I also want to plan a trip for Ina and myself to Poland (maybe Krakow) for a weekend get-away to celebrate our anniversary. Man 0 man.

Anyways, I’ll leave you with a fav of the moment – take care all!