Monthly Archive for September, 2012

September Pain

I know, I know, still no new photo albums – but hey, I’ve got a fantastic excuse. I went to Berlin Festival over the weekend where I got to see a bunch of acts that I’d wanted to see for a while, such as:

  • Little Dragon – ok – they started a bit early so missed that more or less 🙁
  • Grimes – a little bit too bass heavy for my taste, was she singing or was I just a drug induced as her ‘dancers’
  • Ghostpoet – awesome, nothing else to say about that
  • Sigur Rós – again, awesome, glad I finally got to see these guys!
  • Major Lazer – possibly taking the hands in the air and shirts off a little too far….
  • WhoMadeWho – I have since bought nearly all their albums, so that sums that up 🙂
  • SBTRKT – awesome, was looking forward to this and he didn’t dissapoint. Funny though that Little Dragon didn’t sing on one of his main tracks since she was around.

And after this my back, once again, crapped out. I was left in a highly immobile state where I had to work from home for some time due to the simple fact that I couldn’t move. I mean, generally speaking it’s September rain that hits us around this time of year, but in my particular scenario that has been replaced with pain. Since that I have been going to the Physio and Acupuncturist every other day to try and get it all back to ‘normal’ – whatever that is. All I know is that I want to go snowboarding again in March (I did also want to go at Christmas, but the Physio said I can forget about that) and I can’t do that sitting down. So that has been my focus lately, getting better, fitter, stronger.

Seems to be going ok as well, I mean, I can walk again at least, although I am not able to lift anything, but hopefully things will just keep on improving. So that has cost me a lot of time, money and effort. Going to one doctor or another every day is exhausting work I tell ya!

On top of that I have had the ongoing saga with my iMac. I am one of the unfortunate ones that received an iMac 27″ with a bad screen, you can follow the thread on Apple here. I mean, the problem is so well-known someone even started a web-page up to document it. Basically there is a design flaw or the manufacturer of the LCD panel has a flaw in production, but either way, after about 3 months the screen looked like someone had rubbed their fingers in soot and randomly touched the right hand side of the screen. Safe to say, no amount of cleaning fixed this. it was in the panel and there was nothing I could do about it. I guess I was a bit lazy, I mean, I couldn’t be bothered hauling my huge iMac into a shop for them to have a look at, but I finally got around to it. So I took it into Cyberport and they looked at it. 4 days later I received a call to let me know that they had found the issue and replaced the LCD panel. I was happy, finally I could sell the damn thing with a clear conscience. I have learnt by now that if you have an Apple machine with issues, the best course of action is to either return it within the first 14 days of purchasing it (there is a no questions asked return policy) and get your money back or order a new one, or if you are later than the first 14 days, use your Applecare to have them replace the parts A.S.A.P and get rid of it. I mean, the huge monitor was partly the reason I bought the damn thing. Anyway, with a little help from my friends I got it back home (remember, I can’t lift anything at the moment) and plugged it in to see a nice clear, white, without dark blotches, screen. That was, until the left side of the panel started flickering and then appeared quite a lot darker than the right side of the panel.

The flickering continued, on and off, but the overall illumination of the panel was so poor that there was no way you could do anything professional on it. So back it went to Cyberport. So now they have it and once again I have no computer to call my own, well, other than the mac mini plugged into the projector. But since the iMac is an all-in-one, I don’t have a spare monitor to plug anything else into – so I just have to wait. Very annoying. So annoying in fact that when I decided I would just get rid of the damn thing, I ordered the new MacBook Pro Retina…….only to now learn that it is also having display problems. FFS.

Funnily enough, as far as I have read, all the display issues seem to go back to Apple using LG panels, the machines equipped with Samsung panels seem to be fine, so here’s hoping I receive my new machine with a Samsung panel and not an LG like is in the iMac.

So you know, when I finally have an operational computer back at home again, I will be able to add some new photo albums, but until that point, I don’t see it happening any time soon.

Anyway, on a side note, I am finally fixing my Technics 1200 MKII turntables that Lufthansa managed to destroy on the way back from Australia to here. Yes, they were in flight cases, flight – doesn’t that mean they should be safe to fly?? I guess not. Not by Lufthansa’s shitty luggage handling standards anyway. Originally I though, man, I really want to fix these because they’re my original decks as well as I thought it would most likely be cheaper than buying new ones. Well, all the new parts combined that I have needed to do the restoration have worked out to be a little more expensive than I had originally bargained on. Albeit, they will look fantastic and go just like new ones, so I guess I can’t complain, but still – damn – why do my ‘little’ projects always manage to seemingly blow out in damage to the bank account!?

That’s pretty much the news for now though, a bit disappointed about the iPhone 5, not to mention iOS6, so I will stick on the iPhone 4s until it has died or been stolen, whatever comes first. Hopefully not the latter because hey, once is enough isn’t it? Anyway, it’s a black one this time around so a little bit more unobtrusive…….