Monthly Archive for April, 2012

Chuggin’ along

I just gotta get something out there I guess…just so little time to do posts anymore, all work and no play and all.

So, back is fucked, which means it will be up to a year and a half before I feel my left foot again due to compression of the L5 nerve. At least they assure me that I will feel it again. But Jesus what a performance it was to get to the bottom of it. I certainly do NOT recommend Orthos. I mean, apart from the fact that the place is by appointment only and you still have to wait for up to an hour (amazingly they seem to value their time only and treat everyone else as if they are unemployed), you never see the same doctor which means they are always reading your file and making decisions on the fly – no consistency whatsoever. And let me tell you, some of those decisions are truly unprofessional. I mean, one of the bloody idiots, when asked if I’d feel my left foot again couldn’t even answer that question – even when he had the MRT results directly in front of him.

Basically after weeks of being fucked around and still having no clue what was wrong with me I contacted a friend who is a surgeon and works for the hospital in Berlin (Charité) who said he’d help me out. As per usual, it ain’t what you know in this life but rather who you know. I mean, it had been 4 weeks since I’d last felt my left foot with lower back pain set in and I was seriously worried and felt like the fuckers at Orthos just didn’t either care or understand what the hell was wrong with my back. So I saw my friend (thanks Martin!) who had a look at the MRT as well as the report and gave me an immediate diagnosis. Basically I have a slightly slipped disc from a few compressed vertebrae which is pressing on the L5 nerve. This is the nerve that controls the feeling on the inside underside of the left foot and big toe. So it’s just a waiting game, I have already damaged the lower three discs between the lower four vertebrae – you know, all that rough and tumble lifestyle at an early age….so no lifting anything, carrying anything, doing any sport etc. Essentially I cannot do anything. Which brings me to my recent conundrum – China.

The plan was and still is to fly out on the 29th of May into Hong Kong and go from there. For a while my back hurt so badly that I thought a cancellation of that holiday was my only option. But lately it has been hurting a lot less (admittedly I am taking some pretty hardcore painkillers on a daily basis – so who knows how much it really hurts) – so the holiday is still on. I guess I will be taking it much easier than I had originally intended, I just really hope I don’t hurt myself over there more….because I’m sure no matter how bad the processes here might be, they are worse over that way!

Recently moved offices as well, am now at Friedrichstr. 100. Really nice office from which I can see the Spree and a bit of the Reichstag where we also have a pretty decent balcony. So if all goes according to plan, I can see a few Friday evenings spent on the balcony partaking in some beers with my fellow colleagues.

Liz, my sister, was over last weekend which was nice. Always nice to hang out and catch up. She probably could have stayed a little longer since 2 nights is not very much time for Berlin. While she was over we dropped in to a friends exhibition called  G L A S A U G E, which was in an old bunker. Quite a funky place for that kind of thing really. Pretty odd and cool – perfect combo for Berlin.

Other than that I am flat out, hence the little communication since the start of the year. Working, Eating, Sleeping with a hint of household chores thrown in for good measure – not much time to do anything outside of that. I tell you, I am knackered by the time the weekend comes along – every bloody week.

So let’s all hope for a good Summer….swimming is all I’m allowed to do these days….hence the lakes surrounding Berlin are sounding very inviting 🙂