Monthly Archive for March, 2012

Spank Rock

Man, this song just rocks….why have I only just recently discovered it……..I was pissing myself all the way home last night 🙂


So….came back from snowboarding last weekend in a little bit of a worse condition than I went…..

Unfortunately with all things combined I was a little unlucky. I hadn’t been boarding for the last 2 seasons and for this time around I’d bought a new board and was totally hyped to try it out. During the first day or so I had a pretty hard high-speed accident…..albeit I should have taken it way easier the first few days, that’s what a bit of excitement mixed with adrenaline can do I guess. Well, anyway, I was flying down a mountain in Les Arcs and having a great time until a couple of skiers (going far too fast for their skill level) completely blocked my path and I had to unexpectedly turn a hard left to avoid them which put me into a bit of a dip….well, quite a large dip really, that my legs weren’t prepared to absorb….so you can guess what happened.

Yes, I went down and down hard, landed on my back, felt and heard a strange crack, then stayed still for a bit to check if I was ok. Well, after I was satisfied that I was ok I got up and continued to board for the rest of the day – I mean, hell, why not, I felt fine. It was only until later on that evening that my back (lower) started to bruise and swell in a certain spot and by morning the weirdest thing was that I couldn’t feel my left foot. So naturally, I took that day off from snowboarding. Anyway, my foot did not regain feeling then and until this day still has not – I can feel something in my pinky – but that’s about it.

I have since had multiple X-rays and an MRI which all point to the fact that I have fractured a vertebrae (LWK-4) although am still awaiting further tests next week. The doctors keep telling me how lucky I am that I am experiencing so little pain…..lucky me……I wish they’d stop saying that though, it makes me rather nervous. They want to give me a huge amount of time off work too but I really don’t see the point, I mean, what would I do at home that is different from being at work? And seriously, how can you maintain a professional career if you are continually taking weeks off for illness – very simple answer to that one – you can’t.

Anyway, check out the view from out the front of our chalet (you might be able to see Mt. Blanc), to the right you can see the kicker we built and to the far left is my new board, a GNU Riders Choice…..good times…..just such a shit I hurt myself. I wanted to go relatively hard and instead was limited to going really soft.

So that was last week….and this week has been a little hectic as is usually the case when you come back from a holiday. But overall not too shabby – still not got too much pain and back in the rhythm of work. After numerous meetings yesterday I ended up at Festsaal-Kreuzberg in the evening and saw a band called Other Lives. I gotta say, although I find the main guy to be a bit wankerish (I guess all have to be to some degree otherwise it’s boring – no stage presence or showmanship just sucks ass) the music and show was really good. I also really like Festsaal-Kreuzberg, so much better than that piece of crap hole called Astra.

So, I wonder what is on the table for this weekend……certainly nothing too active – have been told I cannot do any sport for at least a month……oh yeah, let’s get fat just in time for Summer – fucking brilliant! 😉