Monthly Archive for August, 2011

Is that it, maybe….

Well, I guess I haven’t had the energy to post for a while since my life has been somewhat in tatters lately. Ina and I have gone our separate ways and I have been living out of Kreuzberg for the last while. I guess it is a really sad time for both of us. I guess we both kind of gave up on each other for whatever reasons. Who knows what the future will bring, it is all so uncertain.

So this is for us, we had some good times, I would like to have more……but I no longer have any control over that…….

One pretty damn beautiful word


Yes, that’s right, my new iMac is finally on its way to me. I haven’t had my own computer now for around 6 months and I am really looking forward to the screamer that it will be. Little does it know that no sooner will it be delivered than I will be opening it up for surgery to further increase performance – OWC SSD and my 16GB of Crucial RAM here we come 🙂

Where's our speed?Now we just have to wait for damn Deutsche Telekom to give us the VDSL speed we ordered. I mean, I expected that they would royally f@#k things up – which they have so far – but it is getting kinda stupid now.

Deutsche Telekom offered us 50Mbps speed and we were really unhappy with the service we were receiving from 1 & 1 so we canceled 1 & 1 and signed up with Telekom. Well, first they forgot to send the router out which, after calling them they sent it out. Unfortunately it was a piece of rubbish anyway so we returned it and I bought a new Fritz Box 7390 from Saturn. This fixed all the reception problems certain machines were experiencing when connecting via wifi with the Speedport W 723V and proved that the Telekom router really is an inferior product.

Anyway, ever since signing up we have been stuck on 6Mbps and I asked Ina if she could ask them why that is. They created a ticket and then came the response that 50Mbps was not available in our area. Hmmmmm, why did they offer it to us in the first place then? I wonder.

But now all the street around us is being dug up and a big fat beautiful fibre cable is being transplanted into the earth, this can really only mean o0ne thing. The “Weisse Flecken” that Telekom considers we currently live in is being worked on and we might just very soon have the speed we’re after after all.

Summer rain

The rain.
And a lot of it.
Today is the first sunny day we have had for at least a week or two I believe.
Ridiculous really.
Was at a friends place the other evening and the weather report showed that at that time it was warmer and sunnier in Sydney (Winter) than currently in Berlin (Summer).

Here’s my Haiku:

Sad Berlin Summer
Gone and missed its time to shine
Always the same; pain

So be wary when you read something like this online (taken from

“During the summer, between May and August, the city of Berlin can get pleasantly warm with many hours of sunshine and it is very unusual for a day to have no sunshine at all.”

Because this is the second Summer in a row that has seen very little, if any sun. I’d certainly be pretty pissed if I came here for a Summer holiday……

p.s. Received the OWC SSD (the second one they sent out on the 27th, July – the first is most likely now residing in a DHL guys house in his newly constructed computer – f%#ker) and have ordered my new iMac – originally Apple said it would take 4 days to be ready, now they say 2 weeks. Whatever, it’s not like I haven’t been waiting months already right??