Monthly Archive for May, 2011


Over the Easter weekend we decided to go to Riga, Latvia to have a look around and to escape all the tourists that have now flooded Berlin. I must say – I am not too keen on Baltic food in general really (although Ina loves it) but Latvia is definitely one of the friendlier Baltic countries I’ve been too. The female population is quite interesting too I must say. Not really my style – but apparently it is quite a popular place for men. An interesting fact is that Riga has one of the highest women to men ratios in the world, I think there is something like 4 women for every 3 men (if not more). It is also a very pretty place – not quite as nice as I had imagined, but still very cute – but quite small – about the size of Wellington – if not smaller.

No chocolate eggs were had over this Easter though (although they are quite popular for their chocolate) – they don’t really do that – but their chocolate is delicious! We had beautiful weather there too which was a definite bonus – unfortunately I forgot my sunglasses (I took the case with me but left the actual sunglasses on my desk at work) arrrggggghhhhh – bloody low lying sun, my eyes, MY EYES!

As was the case in Latvia, we finally have nice weather again in Berlin. Beautiful blue skies and the days are getting longer and warmer – thank God! Although admittedly we had a pretty easy winter – no comparison to the previous two winters. Unfortunately this type of weather always floods the city with tourists – just over Easter the city grew from the usual 3,450,889 people to over 5,400,000 – and this is just the start. It will become progressively worse as the year goes by…..oh well – kind of similar to Sydney in that way – although Sydney seems to handle tourism a little better.

Planned to do a cleaning session on the apartment on the weekend just gone by, but the weather was just too damn nice! Ended up staying outside most of the time – can’t be missing out on the precious sun when it is available. So funny – now I completely understand why Ina thought I was mad when I used to stay indoors in Sydney during beautiful weather. I mean, there you can pretty much guarantee that the next days will be just as good, so there is no rush. Here the window (time) is so much smaller that you have to make something of it each time it is presented. Otherwise you are kicking yourself throughout winter for not getting all the sun that you could have had.

I don’t think that will happen this year.