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Keep on running….

Well, I’ve entered the TEAM-Staffel lauf here in Berlin again, hopefully I can better my time from last years 21.26 minutes. It’s 5km of gruelling action through Berlin’s Tiergarten and is actually the biggest relay run in the whole of Germany. I was thinking I might skip this year as I really have let my fitness slide over the winter – but hey – what better way to motivate me to get back into shape – my pride is now on the line.

Here’s a video to whet your appetite from last years run:

Back – again!

Well – that was Ireland huh!?

How time flies.

Flew into Dublin and met up with my cousin Chris on Saturday and flew out of Dublin on Wednesday. In that time we actually managed to cover a fair amount of the island (over 1200kms) and I saw where my grandfather grew up as a boy in Ballycotton. I really didn’t know what to expect from Ireland but it was a pleasant surprise. The people were really nice and the scenery was also great, we were really quite lucky with the weather too! Everyone seems to be pretty down about the economy though and I saw a lot of places either trying to be let out or sold (which is never really going to happen since no one has any money. There were also a lot of half built places as well as very run down places that clearly weren’t going to see any renovating love in the foreseeable future.

I’m glad I’ve finally been there and seen it though. I must admit I really loved all the pubs, just awesome – those guys know how to make a good bar – I tell you! Managed to catch up on a bunch of pub-grub I’ve been missing out on over here.

The worst thing that happened was with Air Lingus. I flew on a stand-by ticket and getting there wasn’t a problem at all, but getting out of there was ridiculous. I had some nazi check-in bitch that would NOT allow me to check in in the clothes I was wearing. She claimed that Air Lingus have a dress code for stand-by passengers and that my outfit did not adhere to that. She claimed that my pants were in fact jeans – which are unacceptable as were my “sport shoes”. Yeah, like I was wearing my trainers I use for jogging. Nothing would sway this fucking evil bitch either, I told her I flew in on an Air Lingus flight wearing exactly the same gear and she just replied that someone must have made a mistake on the Berlin side – so tough fucking luck for me.

I needed to be on that flight in 50 minutes or I wasn’t working the next day. My options were to change into clothes that would permit me to board the plane (that I didn’t have with me) or purchase some new clothes from a shop (of which there were none in Dublin Airport). So I really felt like the bitch had woken up on the wrong side of bed and just wanted to fuck people over…….bitch. As you can tell, I am still angry about this. I rang Ina immediately and explained the situation to her and Ina wanted to have a word with her but the bitch refused to speak to anyone representing Lufthansa also. I can only wish her the worst – if I’m at all lucky, her miserable life has already been extinguished by a bus running over her face – at least I can guarantee that that would wipe the look of disdain off it 😉

It’s not like I haven’t flown on stand-by a million times before either. I have flown with shedloads of airlines far better than that piece of poo of an airline and have never encountered this problem, regardless of whether I have been flying business or, as in this case, economy. And it’s not like Air Lingus is an exclusive airline either, I mean they are a budget airline – BUDGET – obviously that bitch at check-in didn’t get the memo. They don’t even give out a free drink. Why they seem to think their freaking dress-code is black and white, über-important and deserves zero flexibility is beyond me. As far as I can see it, they made the fuck up on their end in Berlin – if they wanted to enforce a dress-code, they should have done so there where I had the chance to change (since I live in Berlin and all my clothes are here) so they should have worn the fact that I wasn’t in clothes that fit their (the bitch’s) bill. In all honesty I was wearing nice stuff though and I looked a hell of a lot better than the other 95% of people on the plane.

So what did I have to do? Yes, that’s right, I had to become a full-paying customer and hand over 263 euro just so I could get home and be on time for work.

I will NEVER fly that airline again and will tell as many people as possible to avoid it at all costs as well. Remember these words:

I will never, ever fly the shithouse airline known

as Air Lingus, ever!!

Anyway, as usual, I have some shots that I’ll post, just have to get my act together……so stay tuned.