Monthly Archive for February, 2011


Well – we’re back and have been for more than a few weeks now but catching up on work and all the other crap can take it out of you.

Australia was great – as usual, had a nice, warm time. Stress being placed on the warm. When we arrived it was already around 34ºc and that was in Melbourne. By the time we arrived in Sydney via our transfer it was over 40ºc – pretty hard on a body already used to the colder winter temperatures found in Germany at that time of year. To put it in perspective, when we left Berlin it was around -10ºc.

Anyway, surprised my mum for her 60th which was nice. I guess I was a little worried when I saw her because from her reaction it was difficult to tell if she was happy or not.

Surprisingly I didn’t go to the beach as many times as I would have liked – it was just too damn hot……..

Caught up with friends (although 4 weeks is far from enough to catch up with everybody), saw a band at the Metro (!!!), and before we knew it we were flying out again (and taking 100kg with us). Each time we go to Australia we like to pick up some of our things to have back here in Germany, this time around it was my two turntables, a pair of studio monitors and all our pots and pans. Finally we have good stuff to use in the kitchen again yay!! Unfortunately the decks were handled pretty roughly and one didn’t quite make it – well, the turntables made it – it’s just one is completely broken now…….oh well.

We flew in business class and were lucky enough to come back on the Airbus A380. Wow was that a disappointment 🙁 There are around 50+ seats in business and it just feels like you are on a bus full of assholes with too much staff that don’t give two shits about you anyway. I will try never to fly on one of those again – who cares if it has a bar down the back –  not me!

So, I guess I will add some photos soon – funnily enough, not of the most recent trip to Australia but rather the one before. We didn’t really take any shots whilst there this time, didn’t even take a camera, but we were finally able to get the shots from my mum that we’d taken last time around. So keep your eyes peeled…until then….

For a bit of a laugh – check this out. I already showed Ina and she didn’t really get it, so I guess you may have to be Australian (and not a dumb one immune to satire) to get it.