Yearly Archive for 2011


Man has it been a crazy year. I don’t really know that I can quite tackle the job of summing it up yet, I mean, there were amazing ups and then there were the crashing downs.

I think I have been, at some points this year anyway, more sad and sorry for myself than I’ve ever been in my entire life. There have been some seriously terrible moments. Too depressing even now to think about – a tear will well up in my eye if I do. I guess I have to consider myself lucky though, I’ve got an amazing bunch of supportive friends (thanks guys, you know who you are), and a great job with an awesome company and amazingly understanding and supportive colleagues…..and now an awesome new pad with cool-as flat-mates, so I guess it ain’t all bad. No, not all bad at all.

Flying out to Frankfurt tomorrow for Christmas with Ina’s family funnily enough, I mean, Ina and I are getting along a lot better these days and hopefully, if all goes well, things will just keep on improving. Let’s see what the new year brings huh!? Hopefully not more heartache/heartbreak, I don’t think I could handle any more of that for the time-being.

Anyway, after Frankfurt we’ll be back in Berlin on Monday night and on Wednesday it’s my birthday…so a little celebration at The Bird with a few friends for that one. Nothing serious mind, just burgers and beer – some of my favorites. And then there’s New Year – still no idea what I’m doing for that. Oh, did I mention that it is absolutely crazy at work as well? I mean, the only night I’ve gotten out of here before 9.30pm this week was Tuesday – and that was only because of the appointment with a counselor that Ina and I had. It is insane. So much work, skeleton staff, lots of sickness – and a software company like ours generally makes around 60% of their revenue in the last month of the year. So you can imagine.

I will be so happy to be sitting on a plane tomorrow – not that that will be the end of it, oh no, my iPhone is connected to work and I need to stay contactable just in case any confusion or issues arise due to my absence. Hopefully everything will go swimmingly until I return (02.01.12) – that is the plan.

Now it’s time for an inspirational classic video timeout:

Is there a hint in that somewhere? Yes, you know it. What with all the celebrations going on at this time of year I thought why not mention a celebration of our own that is planned for Friday the 13th, January next year. It is your classic house party, no real reason to have it other than to have it. I mean, I am relatively new in the apartment/area but that isn’t the reason. We kinda just wanna have a party – and really, is there a better date!? So check the flyer below for info (by yours truly), and if you’re in the area in the evening and we know each other somehow, you’re more than welcome to drop on by…..I guess any time from 9pm onwards…. 🙂


I love the couch :-)

I mean, it really is true…..sometimes…..I just lurve the couch 😉

Traps and sleep and all things deep

Well, I’ve been in my new place for 3 weeks now and am still wrestling with my room. Pretty much everything is away – although not in an exactly organised fashion – I’ll get to that later – but it’s away. The only thing to get done now is to hang the bass-traps up. At the moment they are all just stacked in my room in a great pile. It’s a pretty daunting task at the best of times, but add to that the sheer height of my ceilings and it becomes even more serious. The ceilings in my room are around 3.5 meters high, so nothing to sniff at really – and in all honesty, no one I know has a ladder high enough to even reach up there. I mean, my wardrobe (which is meant to be attached to the ceiling also) is relying on pure pressure at the moment…..not such a great thing.

Anyway, as soon as I have located a ladder that will reach up there, I’ll ask a friend to help me hang them – I mean, I’ve helped along the way with every aspect of his bass traps – from creation to mounting – so hopefully he’s willing to lend a hand once again. Then I will actually be able to fit a bed in there…..

Which brings me to my next point – my bed. The location of which is still unknown to me – I ordered it quite some time ago now and still have not received it, very sad. I would love nothing more than to sleep on a nice firm futon mattress, but up until now it has either been a choice between a bit of a soft-ass mattress on the floor or sleeping directly on the couch. I mean, both have their advantages, don’t get me wrong…and I have been known to accidentally crash on the couch at times, but it’s nothing you’d really want to do on a daily basis.

But then again, until the bass-traps are hung, it would be very difficult to fit a bed in there anyway….grrrrrr

Anyway, I guess I had a pretty darn good weekend. It started at White Trash and carried on past a friends place onwards and upwards. I went and saw the Hokusai exhibition on Sunday at Martin Gropius Bau (amongst another couple of museums: Tränenpalast and the Science Center) and really enjoyed the exhibition – as well as the company. It was beautiful weather also – so really just great for wandering around, getting some sun, and ducking in and out of exhibitions.

But that’s the sum of it. There is no more to tell, well, none that I’m prepared to anyway. So that’s it, bugger off now 😉

Prenzlauer Berg (not really much of a mountain)

So, on Friday I left work at midday and boxed all my crap up that was spread over two apartments (Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain) and organized a bunch of friends to get together on Saturday to move my sorry ass over to Prenzlauer Berg. One word – it was amazing! I couldn’t believe how quickly it all happened. I was expecting a full days worth of work – but it was done in just a few hours. I mean, by noon Saturday I was staring in disbelief at all my crap in my room in my new apartment……I really was rather shocked. We then went around the corner for some pizza and beer and a bit of good cheer…..the beers just kept flowing (hmmm, is that fortunate or unfortunate – I’m not sure) and the day/night just continued on. Went to Mauerpark and then ended up in a sushi restaurant somewhere not too far away (but really quite good) to get some much needed sustenance (between all those beers) and finally some random bar in a park God knows where chatting away to the guy that runs the place whilst listening to some very minimal minimal 😉

I have to mention a few lucky things from that day:

  • All the friends I asked to help turned up (thanks guys!!)
  • The weather was perfect – it couldn’t have been better
  • We got parking spots directly out the front of my new building – talk about lucky

So I guess you could consider all things combined to be a good omen. My new apartment is really nice, and although I haven’t had much time to hang with my new flatmates (I’m always at work or out), they seem really cool. The only thing I really have to get onto is getting my room into some kind of order – it is an absolute mess at the moment, boxes of crap everywhere – God. I was starting to get onto it last night with the hopes that I could get my desk built – but I ended up just playing musical chairs with boxes and getting the basic layout done before meeting up with a friend for a beer or two. So – this weekend I can hopefully get a lot of it done – although there are a few things I’d like to go to as well. Grrrrr. I probably shouldn’t be going to anything though considering how freaking broke I am 🙁

Prenzlauer Berg is a massive change from either Kreuzberg or Friedrichshain, it is very clean and pretty but at the same time has heaps of things around – nice cafés and bars – I mean, KulturBrauerei is just down the road which is kinda cool. A lot of good bands play there regularly. It’s funny though, most of my friends live either in Friedrichshain or Kreuzberg, so moving here was a little worrying to start with…but I guess I’m getting the hang of it. A major advantage is that there is hardly any broken glass around – already this year I think I’ve had about 7 or 8 flat tires on my bike – so hopefully this will reduce that amount rather significantly 🙂

So that’s the news – oh, it was my wedding anniversary on Wednesday, I thought it was going to be a bit of a sad day for me (for us?), but Ina and I met up and had a very nice dinner at dos palillos. It’s a very strange situation really, I mean, as far as we’ve discussed together, and from what I understand (and feel) I think we both want to be friends and try to rekindle the love we had for one another (the love that I helped destroy), but I don’t know the rules to that. How often are we meant to meet etc. It’s all very confusing. I am most definitely confused. I wonder if Ina is thinking the same – maybe I should just ask her……..

p.s. Gonna check out this mini performance art festival at Hebbel Am Ufer with a friend tomorrow night….might be a bit of fun….you should come along if you’re in the area! Testing Stage