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Christmas cheer and all that….

Well, Christmas is once again coming up really soon and I guess I am a little unmoved by the whole thing. I can’t really afford a decent present for either myself or Ina (that’s what going on all these holidays this year has done), my birthday will, as usual, be a non-event (again, no present expected) and then we’ve got New Years to celebrate. Before celebrating New Year I need to remind myself of what the hell I am celebrating. Geez, Mr Negativity – yes – you called?

Anyway, it’s been really funky weather here – freezing cold with lots of snow really early on – just how I like it. The complete polar opposite of a Christmas in Sydney. I guess I really enjoy this type of weather – still. It matches my mood in a way……hehehehe We were meant to go down to Frankfurt Main for Christmas but due to all the airport crap of late I don’t think that’ll be happening. A real pity actually because both Ina and I are quite concerned for Wolfgang and his well-being and were looking forward to Christmas. Well, that’s Europe for you, every Winter it seemingly comes as a surprise to the local councils – I mean – what the hell is that all about?? Can you imagine if every Summer came as a surprise to Sydney council?? I can just imagine the news: 40 degree + temperatures sweep across the inner Sydney city suburbs causing mayhem and catastrophe. I mean seriously, can you imagine…….no? Because it’s the same kind of thing that happens here every year really. Anyway, a few shots below will give you an idea of how cold it is. The last one is just a reminder because I agree wholeheartedly – it is hard to be a citizen.

Well, not a lot else to let you guys in on. Drove up to Denmark the other weekend, that was interesting. Such an odd place – built from tiny towns with not much going on really…….bizarre. Didn’t take any photos or anything though because I was driving – was helping a friend out with a Uni assignment where the topic was “road-trip”. I will try to procure some of the footage though because there was an awful lot of the trip filmed.

So, Merry Christmas peoples and if I don’t post before then, Happy New Year also! 🙂

The price of fame

Too funny – something tells me these guys aren’t any rocket scientists.

A UK teen named Lamar Johnson has recently plead guilty to one count of conspiracy to defraud. His crime? JailIt seems that he and his band (both in a musical sense and in a “Robin Hood” sense) used stolen credit cards to purchase something like $750,000 worth of their own music from both Amazon and the iTunes Store between January 2008 and June 2009.

There’s no telling how much the group would have earned from royalties, and the name of the band hasn’t been disclosed (believe me, I’ve looked), but something tells me that they probably recorded dubstep. Also, something tells me that — since the royalties would have to be paid out to someone with a bank account — this was a painfully easy case for prosecutors to crack. While Johnson will find his sentence tacked onto the 5-year jail term he is currently serving for grievous bodily harm, the rest of his 12 member “band” will have to wait until they appear in court in January to discover their fate.