Monthly Archive for November, 2010

Sometimes the word FUCK is not enough….

Well, things have been very, very tough in this household for a couple of weeks now – let me lay them down in list form and in chronological order:

1.) Broke my ribs
2.) Caught the flu
3.) Trying to find a backup solution for home
4.) Old backup died before new backup was installed
5.) A SATA controller in my computer died
6.) iTunes library got corrupted (all 244GB of it)

So things have been hectic.

And I am still sick – working half days at the moment trying to get over it – well, half day at work and the other half working from home. I must say, healthcare and whatnot is quite a lot better over here really, I mean, I don’t want to knock Australia or anything because the healthcare there is good too – well, that is before bloody Howard tried to rip it apart, but anyway. I could go on about how each person is health insured for one, but also the care that is administered both from the medical and the employer side. Both want you to get better, rather than juicing the work out of you; still, I can’t get over my Sydney mentality, and feel amazingly guilty and scared whenever I need more than a couple of days to get over something, as has been the case of late. And unfortunately, it seems to be inevitable to catch the flu once a year over here. But my coughing is hurting less, so my ribs must be getting better 🙂

Man o man, can you believe the computer shit I’ve had to deal with though, it’s been a fucking nightmare. I wanted to reduce the number of external drives I’ve got lying around and consolidate my backups and iTunes and iPhoto into one massive drive. That was a great idea in principal, just, unfortunately, one day too late. Device Removal I sat down to set up this new box that runs Linux and sits on our network and whilst I was doing that one of those “Device Removal blah blah blah was removed without ejecting, data might be lost or damaged…” – well I thought, there wasn’t any external hard drive plugged in that could have been removed accidentally. Then I checked my drive list and it appeared that one of my internal drives that contained two volumes was missing. The two volumes were Jordan and Streaming. I used Jordan for all personal stuff as well as full backups of everything that is important on my machine. Streaming was for all my music making related crap.

Well I thought to myself, that sux. I took it easy though and just thought – well, nothing I can do about that now – and continued setting up the Linux box. I later removed the internal hard drive from the Mac and plugged it into Ina’s machine to see if I could resurrect it, I couldn’t. That is where the story took a bad turn, I thought to myself, well, I’m pretty sure I backed that drive up somewhere else not long ago so all is not lost, let me put a new drive in the machine and go from there. So I put a new drive in my machine but – she no go. I did a system check and apparently the SATA controller must have died first which in turn ejected and damaged the disk (Volumes Jordan and Streaming) – and now I cannot add a new hard drive cause my computer’s fucked.

I tell ya, I took that on the chin like a champ. No getting crazy angry or anything.

So last night I was doing the final touches to the Linux box. I have ported across our entire iTunes library (244GB) and our entire iPhoto library (40GB) and had set my machine to mount the drives as if they were local. The thing is, in order for Ina and myself to share the same library database (not just the music but all the ratings etc.) I had to write a couple of scripts that would access, combine and recompile the XML music database. My scripts were working but not as streamlined as I wanted – anyway, I found this program online that said it did everything I wanted to do and more – great I thought and proceeded to download and install a copy. I installed and tested a copy on my machine and everything seemed well. It’s difficult to test without another machine also connected and running though, since this is a tool dedicated to synchronising two individual library databases. I went over to Ina’s to do the same thing and sync the library XML and everything looked ok but the track counts just would not match up. That’s when I checked my machine and the sky started to fall down. For some reason, this stupid fucking program (called Syncopation) was completely corrupting my iTunes database, wrong album art was associated with the wrong albums, tracks were missing all over the show – it’s just lucky that I turned a garbage collector on on the Linux box so that I could see what this idiot program was doing behind my back. I’m talking about around 50GB of music that had been randomly deleted from the library – one track here, one track there – an utter fucking nightmare.

Luckily I kept the original iTunes music library (not to be confused with the database) so have attempted a restore from that, but I didn’t have a recent backup of the iTunes music database, so I have had to attempt to restore from an older DB which may not have all the music listed nor ratings etc. Hopefully it works out – but man!

And the computer is now officially on its last legs, not that I can afford a new one, but I’d better start saving anyway – and you know how the kind of macs I like are – very expensive. I mean, this one that I’m currently using was $5000 when I bought it and the next one won’t be much/any less I guess – OUCH!