Monthly Archive for August, 2010

Back Again

Well, I got home today after a couple of beautiful weeks (a bit more I guess) away in Turkey and what have I been doing for the last 3 hours? Cleaning my apartment! All because an inconsiderate unnamed person decided to leave my place in a condition that was far from how it was originally left.

I am very reasonable and flexible and don’t particularly care what anyone does in my house while I’m away (within reason mind!), so long as it doesn’t interfere with Ina or myself, but a basic level of respect must be maintained. My trust has been broken and I feel terribly sad that this has happened.

I was by no means an angel when I was younger (I think quite a few of you out there would agree more than wholeheartedly), but I always at least tried to cover my tracks as best I could……(often out of respect, sometimes out of pure fear) and as best I could was, for the better part, usually good enough.