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Arrggghhh – Now that was annoying!

Well, as you may or may not know, I have been receiving e-mails from ImmobilienScout24 daily as I am no longer happy living in our current apartment.  That is by no means to say that our apartment sucks, it’s just there are so many fucking things that annoy me about the place. Here, let me make a list for you:

  • No dishwasher – I am 34 years old and am sick of washing fucking dishes and don’t see why I should, if I can afford a dishwasher why don’t I get one I hear you say…..well, there is no freaking room in our kitchen, that’s why.
  • Shitty kitchen – let’s get it straight, our kitchen sucks……balls! There is not enough bench-space, the oven sucks ass, basically we would have to invest at least  a couple of grand to get something better and I DO NOT see the logic in investing in anyone else’s apartment.
  • No balcony – this is a sucky point, not always do I want to go outside to be outside, a balcony is the only way this can be accomplished and we do not have one.
  • We live on the Hochparterre, so it is pretty freaking dark in Winter. This was planned because of the noise I can make when making music (not that I’ve been doing any of that for a while). If there is no-one under you to complain about the bass you are generally in a much better position. The only option to this is to have a multi-level apartment as we do in Sydney.
  • Basic apartment reminds me of Uni housing, not really modern at all, nothing has been done properly, even the relatively brand-new flooring squeaks really badly because it was so botched! It’s a nice enough apartment really but I want a few more creature comforts I guess and I want the place to look a bit nicer.

Anyway, I received an e-mail on Friday of this totally wicked apartment where there would be a viewing on Saturday only, at 10.00am and I was totally g’d up to go – I specifically DID NOT go out on Friday night so I would be all nice and fresh for the morning. This apartment was just around the corner, was 100 square metres, had a roof-top terrace and a balcony, was split over two levels, had a beautiful kitchen with plenty of bench space AND a dishwasher – basically – this place was the shizzle.

Since I have been looking at apartments for such a long time in Berlin (I originally found the apartment we’re in at the moment as well) I really have a good idea on what’s out there and this one was most definitely the wickedest I’ve ever seen in Friedrichshain.

Anyway, the plan was to wake up early on Saturday and go over there for a look – but did I wake up? NO – No, that’s right, either my alarms didn’t go off or I slept straight through them and missed the fucking appointment. Can you fucking believe my frustration? I am soooooo upset with myself, this was one of the apartments you generally look at and wonder how the hell the tenants were so lucky to have scored it……………and I didn’t even go into the race trying to score it.

So that’s it…..stuck in this fucker for a while longer, if it was up to Ina we wouldn’t move, because as usual, nothing really bothers her; – not the kitchen, nor the benchspace, nor the lack of balcony etc. I guess it annoys me more because I know for a fact that we have none of these worries when living in Sydney, we have exactly the things in Sydney that I have mentioned in this post that I want to have in Berlin and that makes it suck balls even more. I want to have the same freaking things here too…..I want my life to be nicer and easier and if I can’t make it that way then I start to wonder what the fuck I am working for……..cause I’d rather just quit while I’m ahead rather than stay stuck in the mud!!

I would have added some pictures of the place which would have made me feel more sick – but of course they are now unavailable – why? – because some lucky bastard has already rented the place!

Chainring heaven

Homebrewed ChainringWell, no sooner do I say I’m having problems finding a chainring/spider combo than I watch a little video on mtbr and what do you know, they’re interviewing a guy who makes custom chainrings…….perfect! The place is called Homebrewed Components and he makes all manner of chainrings amongst other things. So, I’m pretty sure if I get something like this one to the right but in black with Shimano cut-outs I should be right as rain. Let’s wait and see shall we??

World Cup fever

Wow, seems to be a little quiet around these parts…..I guess that is my fault really since the last couple of months I’ve been a little busy and haven’t added much here.

Well anyway, the major reason I’ve been busy is because the World Cup is on……and it has been quite an exciting one to date (a little depressing for quite a few of the favourites but I won’t mention any names like Brazil or Argentina). Australia were unfortunately out pretty early, as were New Zealand so my back-up team by default (Germany) were there to pick up my crushed dreams. And pick them up they did – ok, I said I wouldn’t mention any favourites but how can I not mention the crushing defeat against Argentina dealt out by Germany 4:0. Yes, you read that correctly….so, if my math works ok – which I’m pretty sure it does, that means Australia plays at least as well as Argentina, who also suffered at the hands of our favourite little Deutschland. Great stuff I say, everyone here is happy, and when they are – I am!!

So, I thought this was quite fitting, a bit of AC DC with the highlights from the Germany vs. Argentina game, check it out:

Apart from that what has been happening? Hmmmm, not a lot, got some new forks for the bmx and finally put some new cranks on that I had lying around for ages. All in all they lightened the bike a little and it weighs in at around 9kg in total…..I guess I should join Weight Weenies now – that is if they had a BMX section 🙂 Anyway, the forks are Answer Scythe Carbon Pro 24 and the cranks are FSA Carbon Pro and look like this:

All in all I’m pretty happy with it, although I still would prefer my chain to be a little more in-line with the rear cog. Oh well, I still have some ideas as to how I can manage that so will keep you informed on how I go. What I would really like is to ditch the spider and chainwheel combo and just have a chainwheel that integrates the spider. I have seen a picture of someone’s bike where they had manually cut a Profile Imperial to fit the cranks…..that would be perfect….obviously a lot of work and quite difficult. I believe the FSAs use a similar pattern to the Shimano XTR M952. Can’t find a picture at the moment, but if I do I will add it.

Got a pump track near me now too which is quite wicked. Problem is, it is too freaking hot to ride hard at the moment……that is no complaint by the way. I love it that there is finally daily sun and warmth, just a pity that Germany doesn’t really believe in air-conditioning because it means everywhere is hot…..even work.

So, that’s the news for the moment, as I said, I’ll keep you up to date if I do end up changing the chainwheel, I think it is quite a worthy project though.