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Future bike

So, the time has come when Jordan starts to think about the purchase of a new pushy…..not that my BMX has anything wrong with it, I think it is just more a progression thing, which I don’t find anything wrong with. And yes, we do have a few bikes at home that could fit this category, but I want to custom build something that perfectly suits my riding style. I was on a 20″ dirt jumper/street BMX for quite some time and am now on a 24″ Track BMX and want to go to a 26″ Dirt Jumper/Street MTB. In all honesty it’s kinda to do with my back, sometimes when I’m pulling air on the 24″ I’m also pulling muscles in my back which take ages to heal and hurt really bad and before you say it, no, I am NOT overweight!

So anyway, I have been scouring the net for quite some time now on my quest to build the perfect 26″ Dirt Jumper/Street MTB which is no easy task. So much to choose from which equals so many mistakes to be made (and mistakes can be expensive). Basically I initially wanted an aluminium frame but I started swaying towards 4130 chromoly just because it seems to be the thing a lot of framebuilders are using at the moment. It is also a lot tougher but nearly always heavier, regardless of treatment or butting, as well as the fact that it can rust and might need more looking after. These were the two frames that stuck out, great geometry and a great finish, the Spank Tweet Tweet and the Superco Charger (both have great names too):

I can get the Spank for around €370.00 locally whereas I can only buy the Superco in the States (because it is handbuilt there) and it would set me back around €570.00 and of course I would need to import it to Germany, which if you have read any of my previous posts regarding this option – it is NOT the thing to do. Customs would bend me over! Anyway, I could always just fly in for the day on stand-by and pick it up – but what a hassle – and although these frames are both great, they do not have the possibility of adding a rear derraileur to them at any point in time. They are both strictly single speed bikes. That is cool and all but I wonder about that possibility, I wonder if I will ever want to have gears… sounds like a good option to have. Take a look at this example of a Spank Tweet Tweet though, really nice looking build:

So, after a lot of thinking and calculations, I worked out that any build I made with either frame would still be well over 10kg which I am really trying to avoid. I want something as close to 10kg as possible, it just makes it so much easier to throw the thing around. This brought me to a new option which hadn’t crossed my mind until then. A Santa Cruz Jackal; below is a built up version:

This frame has quite a few advantages:

  • An aluminium frame
  • Exchangeable drop-outs to suit geared or single-speed
  • Quite light for a Dirt Jumper/Street frame

The only disadvantage is that it is the most expensive of the lot! It comes in at around €650.00, but at least I can get it in Europe. So that is where I’m at for the moment. I’ve pretty much decided on building that frame up and have started working out which parts I’m going to build it up with. This is my current list including weights of each item:

  • Frame: Santa Cruz (2.18kg)
  • Forks: Fox Float RST 831 (1.69kg)
  • Headset: Chris King (120g)
  • Hubs: Chris King (front 15mm axle 207g) (Rear 10mm axle 336g)
  • Rims: Spank Tweet Tweet (570g each)
  • Spokes: Mawri Titanium (blue maybe?) (228g for 64 spokes)
  • Brakes: Hope Race X2 (284g Front, 284g rear floating)
  • Handlebars: Spank Tweet Tweet (450g mid-rise)
  • Stem: Spank Tweet Tweet (170g)
  • Pedals: Reset Racing Pedal1 titanium (286g)

Sub-Total = 7.375kg


  • Grips (around 100g)
  • Cranks + Bottom Bracket (around 800g)
  • Chainwheel (around 60g)
  • Chain (Maybe KMC XL around 250g)
  • Seatpost (Maybe SDG Micro Carbon 200g)
  • Derailleur (Maybe Shimano Dura-Ace 10sp RD-7900 (166g)
  • Casette (Maybe Dura-Ace CS-7900 10spd cassette 163g)
  • Seatpost Clamp (Maybe Spank Tweet Tweet 25g)
  • Seat (Maybe SDG Skylite 245g)
  • Tires (Maybe Conti Race King 2.2 Limited 450g each)

Sub-Total = 2.909kg

Total Weight= 10.284kg

I can live with that weight, keep in mind also that this is the fully built up weight with a 10 speed cassette, if I had it as a “normal” single speed bike – which given the frames flexibility I could easily do – that would mean losing at least 250g from that total weight as stated. Anyway, I guess this will be a bit of fun, probably won’t be finished in time for this Summer but should be a good project for Winter. As we all know, Winter is a bit of a bitch in these parts and having fun projects to do which involve staying indoors are the best to pass the horrible time 🙂