Monthly Archive for April, 2010

Morocco… gravy!

Well, we arrived back from Morocco just about 3 weeks ago now, oh how time flies, and I gotta say: I don’t think I’ll be going back there. On average the place is a haven of hustlers and chaos, sure there are some nice sights to see but the constant stress and pressure I felt far outweighed any bonus that those could provide. Talk about hectic, and I am no virgin traveller, I guess some of my feelings towards Morocco could be attributed to the fact that what I really thirsted after was a relaxing, chilled holiday in the sun, which this was anything but (Fes=torrential flooding). Oh well, we live and learn don’t we? I probably should also mention that the place is NOT cheap as some might think, I came out after 10 days around 3000€ lighter, just Ina and myself doing the travelling, and while we don’t like backpacking (ok, I guess I’m speaking for myself here) we weren’t exactly staying in 5 star accommodation either.

One of the few things that has made me feel a little better about this holiday is the fact that even though we were hustled somewhat…..I guess we lost out on a max of 100€ over the period of the holiday (which is nothing really)… least my credit card wasn’t copied. Unlike a friend of mine who was away in Mexico at the same time and came back to Berlin only to realise that his credit is now maxed out, and that is no light matter when we’re talking in euros in the vicinity of 10000€. How the hell his credit card company let that happen I have no idea but some of the charges overlapped while he was there and it is going to be a bit of a pain to prove that those charges were not his. Mental note, never get an Amazon credit card.

Anyway, I won’t go into details about the holiday now because it’s a Saturday here and I frankly can’t be bothered, but I have added a new photo album to whet your appetite with. Unfortunately it is in a different format than the others (and not very slick at all) because I don’t have access to the same program I have used in the past. Essentially I’ve just banged it together in html (albeit poorly) so you can all have a sneak-preview at some of the shots we took over those glorious (sick) 10 or so days. Oh, none of them are labelled yet either but the basic timeline of the photos goes like this:

Casablanca > Fes > Marrakech > Atlas Mountains > Sahara > Atlantic Coast

Realistically it might be time to look for a better solution and morph all the albums over to that, but for now this is all you’re going to get, so enjoy 🙂