Monthly Archive for March, 2010

Dude…, are you serious!?!

Well, it warmed for a moment there but those in the know (read: Me) didn’t get their hopes up……oh no. You don’t wanna do that at this time of year in Berlin, just psychological suicide. It always warms a bit in early March and then what do you know…..KA POW!!….it starts snowing again and being bitching cold as usual……just like now. Well, fuck it I say, bring it on….and you know why? Cause I’m out of here, yes, leaving on a jet plane on Monday evening off to Morocco where there is a fucking guarantee of sunshine!! That’s right, no Whistler or snowboarding this year, I’ve fucking had it with snow.

Well, now that that’s off my chest let’s talk about how fucked up this place really is…..

So, we already know that Germany protects its market better than than the US Army protects their President in Iraq, but I never knew they’d stoop to outright robbery. I’m having a hard time reading through all the crap that’s available online to even work out if what Germany does is the same as the rest of the EU, supposedly but really, I can hardly believe it. Anyway, I recently thought, before kicking the ole’ G5 out the door that I’d squeeze one last micron of performance out of it by installing a new graphics card. Not just any graphics card either, the best graphics card you could get back in the dinosaur days of G5’s, an ATI Radeon X850 XT. This was, in its day a freaking beast. Hell, it does a good job even by today’s standards. Anyway, it was a very limited production run with a very exclusive price to go with it, hence, it is as rare as hens teeth. I dare you to try and find one for a G5, NO, not a PC one, they’re freaking everywhere, I’m talking an OEM Apple verified product here……had a look……find one…….didn’t think so.

Well, as is usually the case, when talking about expensive relatively rare electronic components……especially in the Apple world, a lot of them reside in the States sooooooo, I bought one from a guy in the States off Ebay. For a 5 year old product it wasn’t cheap, $275, but for another bit of life out of the ole’ beast I thought it was worth it. The seller sent it via USPS and if you know their service then you’ll know it’s first rate. I have had large items delivered from Washington to Sydney in the past and get there in three days flat. Well, that is NEVER the case in Germany and how could I possibly expect that from a country that has very little idea about the service industry, yup, couriers are included in that industry… Anyway, 2 weeks later and what do I receive, a delivery slip that says the package is being held at customs because I owe tax on it.

Now, how the fuck can German customs possibly charge tax on a product that is:

  1. Second Hand
  2. Over 5 years old
  3. Cannot be purchased in the E.U.

It is serious bullshit my friend, of the stinkiest kind. They say that anything bought oversees that could have been bought in the EU, even if it is second hand, can be taxed the standard rate….i.e. a percentage of the sale price in addition to the shipping price. That’s right, I have to pay tax on the total price. Now is that some god-damned bullshit or what. Do they really think that if I could have bought it here I wouldn’t have?? I couldn’t, simple as that. Tax has been paid on the item already once, why should I have to pay it again, it’s not like it’s a house or an artwork worth millions is it?? Anyway, they want like €66.00 which I’m fucked if I’m paying, that will put this item into the ridiculous amount. I think I’d rather save my cash, take a plane to the States and buy a whole new computer….yes German government, if you are reading……that’s what I’m going to do, try and stop me!!

So great, basically what they’re saying is, if you can’t buy it in the EU you probably don’t want it anyway because we will bleed you dry, now that’s freedom for you. Stupid asses.

Oh, just one more thing to leave you with before I go, if you ever come to Germany to live, never get an internet contract with 1&1, they suck….really bad. The first 2 years they were ok, but now they are just a joke. For example, we pay extra for what is called a phone-flat rate. This means that you can call anywhere in the world and it works out quite cheaply. Well, it’s a joke. If I ever try to call my parents in Sydney I have to try a million times before I get through and even then the line is soooo shitty that we can hardly have a decent conversation together. I think it’s always scary when a company sends through a pamphlet stating they have a new head of customer service and how much they have improved the support. If they sold what they promised their support would decrease, not the bloody opposite, they probably have a million customers just like me, not getting what they paid for…….16000k down stream……yeah right, cheap international calls, you’ve gotta be having a laugh!! Another bunch of asses to add to the growing list.

Anyways…….I’ve let it all hang out here just a bit too long and now it is definitely time for me to go. Until the next bitch session xo.