Monthly Archive for January, 2010

Time for some more…..

Snow that is…….. a little warmer today (-1ºc) which means there is a perfect opportunity for more snow and guess what? It’s snowing pretty hard once again. I just took a photo but it hasn’t appeared to come out too well so you’ll just have to take my word for it. 🙂


Dance…………went to some last night.

It wasn’t as interesting as a performance by Dasniya Sommer (if you like her kind of thing) but bizarre nevertheless. There were two shows, the first one called “Haus” that had a friend of ours in it and the second one was called “Themselves Already Hop”. Sometimes I watch things like this and really wonder how one can justify calling it art, so I guess you could say that it might not really be my jive. Sometimes I have the feeling the artists/choreographers themselves are so far up and out that they don’t realise you can see some of this shit in mental hospitals on a daily basis. Then again, one could argue that a portion of life is being displayed which can be defined as art itself.


The funny thing is, whilst we were watching the first show, one of the performers fainted and took a pretty hard tumble. Because of the type of performance that was going on though, I can honestly say that I wasn’t sure whether it was part of the performance or not. To start with I thought “here we go, now for some action” but I was wrong, it really was an unintentional tumble and I hope the performer is ok.


Facebook Stalkin’

Hehehe, this is pretty classic. Facebook is kinda like that too, if you let it happen you end up with hundreds of friends that you’ve never met before who are then able to view your profile along with whatever details you have saved there and see your status changes etc.

Am I like a child?

Well, this doesn’t have a lot to do with anything I guess, but I really like the track (have for ages) and have been reflecting a bit on the past year, and can see that I’ve probably acted a bit like a child at times.

So….., I guess I can only try to act like someone who doesn’t need their charm nursed and try to be nicer……in general. Anyways, have a listen, very nice on a BIG system!! (if you have one available). Junior Boys – Like a Child (Carl Craig rmx)

(By the way, I increased the font size of this site slightly [especially for you Ma], let me know if you find it better or worse….thanks!)