Monthly Archive for December, 2009

Last post for the year….

Well, we’re not too far off saying good by to 2009 and I gotta say, I was thinking this year over and trying to evaluate whether it had been a good one or a bad one and I think, unfortunately, that the average was below par. Yes, a lot of great things happened but I hasten to remind you that an awful lot of shitty shit went down too. So kiss my butt 2009, I’m ready to embrace my odyssey into 2010.

Anyways, was my birthday the other day so a few friends and I met up at a place called “The Gorganzola Club” for a bite to eat which was very nice. On the evening of the 28th though I had just started to feel sick which was a bit of a pain. Ina baked me a really nice cake too, which I have slowly been destroying.


Last night we were meant to go out to dinner with Doris, Wolfgang, Waltroud and Jöst and we made it to the restaurant, but after being there for about an hour I just felt too sick to stay and had to go home. I already left work early yesterday because I felt so sick. I gotta say, fan-fucking-tastic timing, I think I am just about feeling the sickest so far and it is the last day of the year today. Oh well, we’ll see how it pans out I guess.

The plan for tonight is to go over to Daniel’s and hang there and eat and stuff with all our friends, then we’ll let off a few fireworks (of course – although I haven’t even bought any yet – there’s another story right there!) and then party a bit there, most likely heading out to some club/party in the early morning. That is if I can make it that far, the way I feel at the moment it may not happen that way at all.

Yes, went to purchase some fireworks the other day from the shop that I go to every year and was confronted by the most trigger happy salesman ever. I know that the sales/service industry is a bit behind here (if you don’t demand more as a customer you won’t get it!!) but this guy was taking the piss. I hinted to him gently that I really didn’t require his sales spiel, but he couldn’t help himself, he went on to use such classic techniques as trying to sell me the most expensive firework they had and pointing out that it was on special. When he realised that wasn’t really going to work he stepped up his game to mention that it was, in fact, the last one they had. When this also seemingly fell on dead ears he started selling it by saying how poor the other fireworks they had were. Well, I walked out of that shop with nothing and unfortunately, I don’t think I’ll go there again…….ever. If I wanted the hard-sell I would have asked for it and I’m not German, hence these “old skool” techniques of moving product just don’t work on me. Last time I saw sales routines like that I think I was 6 or 7 living in the 8o’s.

Woke up this morning and looked out at a real winter wonderland. Very beautiful, Berlin always looks better when it’s been snowing because let’s admit it, it ain’t one of the most attractive cities in the world. This is the crappy view from the living room, note how the snow has improved the scenery tenfold.


So, I guess on that note I will leave you all for this year. I know I have been a bit slack in updating this blog at times throughout the year so hopefully 2010 won’t be as crazy busy and I will be able to post more regularly. I wish all of you the best and safest of entries into the new year and look forward to sharing stories with you next year!! xo

Happy New Year!!