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Morrissey & Whatnot

So, last weekend was our party for the year, this time the theme was the end of the season. Went down without a hitch and was a lot of fun, so thanks to all who came!


After the weekend, which was pretty exhausting, we went to see Morrissey at Tempodrom on Monday night with a friend from Sydney. Really nice concert and the venue itself, Tempodrom, is a pretty cool. Hadn’t been there before so sure I’ll go there again.

Claude VonStroke was playing at Watergate last Saturday and I really wanted to go but just couldn’t be arsed. I’ve seen him a few times this year already so I guess I’m cool with missing him this time around.

Show and tell

Well, slowly but surely we are once again entering winter. I guess at the moment I still don’t mind it, like it even, although I’m sure all that will change by March.

So much has happened lately that I really don’t know quite where to start.

Mum and Dad are back in Australia and Mum is just waiting for the next operation now. All fun and games there then…..not! The fallout from that whole situation appears to be that my sister isn’t communicating with Ina or myself any longer. We don’t really know what we did (or didn’t do)  – and really, who should be the judge of that?, certainly not my sister! After several attempts at trying to get some insight on the situation and with zero feedback we feel it best to forget about her and her childish ways. Good riddance to bad rubbish I say……

So many things between the months of July – September broke. Seriously! Let me start a list:

1.) Washing machine
2.) Electric toothbrush
3.) Network Hard-drive
4.) iTunes/iPhoto Hard-drive
5.) Mobile phone
6.) Home phone

And that’s only what I can think of off the top of my head. Anyway, have replaced most things now anyhow and the new washing machine we bought to replace the old one is kick-ass.

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