Monthly Archive for April, 2009

Paint and Stuff

Well, decided to paint the bedroom the other day and after that decision proceeded to have a massive bike accident on Warschauerstraße which made the whole process a little more interesting as well as a little more painful. Enough of that though, hurt a bit, few more scratches but thankfully no broken bones.

The room used to be white with bits of blood red here and there. Not a bad colour, it was just a little dark and kinda depressing as well as the fact that it didn’t match our curtains at all. So now it is a beautiful fresh white with an orange feature wall. The orange is really the same colour as a nice healthy orange picked in summer, so it puts off quite a fresh bright vibe.

There were unfortunately quite a few logistical problems concerning the painting of the room, firstly and most importantly our wardrobe was majorly in the way. Problem is, it isn’t a normal wardrobe, kind of warehouse like in the fact that it’s all just bars and stuff bolted together and screwed into the ceiling and floor. Secondly just the general amount of stuff in there as well as the fact that we both still had to sleep at night. Well, one day I went hardcore and just started moving everything out, except the bed of course, and started removing the skirting boards. After all the prep had been done I just got stuck in. I guess it has taken me the better part of a week but is now finished, I have that excellent feeling of self satisfaction one gets after completing a difficult task alone.

Pretty funny though, when I was going hardcore and prepping the room as well as the skirting boards I removed all power outlets and switches. While I was putting one back on though I was talking to Ina and wasn’t really looking where I should have been screwing when whoops!! 🙁 Screwdriver in the powerpoint and ZAP!! Now that certainly tickled I tell you what. Probably not something I’d recommend trying.

So that’s the latest……

Anyway, check out this guy on his bike, he’s amazing: