Monthly Archive for March, 2009

When will it be over?

Well, just last week we were thinking that winter was coming to an end and although it is officially spring now we’ve recently had some pretty bad snowstorms. Kinda cool to have in winter but this late in the year is just taking the piss really.

Apart from that things are just chugging along really. Bit worried about my grandmother of late as she’s had a spill and broken her wrist. Essentially means that her times of living alone in her house are over, so she’s stuck in a nursing home now (which I’m sure she’s thrilled about) and most likely giving the staff hell. It’s a real pain being all the way over here otherwise I’d visit. Hopefully an unexpected forced visit is quite some time off yet.

Slowly crunching through the Deutsch course, it’s really difficult now and my motivation over the past months has trickled away to a point where I really have to push myself now. I really prefer working to studying really, just go in, do your job and piss off home and forget all about whatever the day brought. Doing this German course brings it all back, nothing is ever over, you get home and there’s just more shit to do (concerning studies that is). And on that note, I’ve pretty much decided to do my masters in the next few years, not really sure when or where. Still unsure whether I’ll do an MBA or a Masters In Science majoring in Business. A bit more research to do and I’m sure I’ll find something. I just want to secure myself for the future and my earning potential really, not looking forward to another couple of years hitting the books at all!! I guess we can just wait and see.

Haven’t worked on any tunes lately, just feel so devoid of ideas…..I sit in front of Logic and just start making stupid sounds instead of working in the direction I should be. Maybe it’s winter…..I just don’t know, can let you know in summer though 🙂

Lost my keys at Goldengate last weekend and thought for sure they were gone for good, but contacted the club and someone had found them and handed them in. How lucky, note to self, having something distinctive hanging from keychain = very good idea. Pat on back. Oh by the way, did I mention that it’s my favourite club at the moment? Well it is, it’s small and crowded and dirty but with one of the best atmospheres in this city, a perfect place to hang out with friends and get your boogie on. haha

Battlestar Galactica finished last friday which was a bit of a bummer, really enjoyed that series. Ina came up with a typical comment since she doesn’t like TV anyway, “just think Jordan, now you’ll have an extra hour or so each week!”. Wow, I said, I hadn’t thought of it that way before. Not like I watch a lot of TV anyhow.

Well, talking about Ina, both her and I still haven’t smoked a cigarette this year so we’re doing ok. Nearly a quarter of the year gone. We really didn’t want to make a corny New Years resolution (and didn’t) it just kinda panned out that way. I never imagined as a teenager that I’d still be smoking at 33 and the only way to change that was to stop. Nice to know who’s in control of the good old body sometimes anyhow.

Talking about being in control of the body, have been on a diet for the last month or so and have lost about 5-6kg so far. Pretty happy about that as I was starting to get a bit chubby (to me anyway). I think I’ll just keep dieting until the love handles are gone and then try to stay at a good, healthy food intake level. In the past I was too often succumbing to over indulgence.

Well, I guess I’ll leave it at that for now, oh hang on…….question, why the fuck is everyone getting married and soon after getting a dog? I swear I must be at that age, I can just imagine all the dog owners having kids in the not too distant future. Some of them can hardly look after their stupid dogs so I hate to imagine what the future brings…….

The future will soon be with us…

Yes, I know there has been a bit of laziness in these parts for a bit. Just don’t seem to be sitting in front of the computer so much these days. I guess I’m going to start trying to be a bit more active.

By the way, Happy St Patrick’s Day everybody!!!!!

This is a pretty cool demo of some technology that’s being worked on to give humans a sixth sense. Can really see possibilities here and would imagine this isn’t too far from actual production. Funny how similar to minority report this technology is.

Anyway, check out the video: