Monthly Archive for November, 2008

First Snow

Well, snowed for the first time today. Yep, still not officially winter but there you go……….cool!! Weather says it’ll snow for the next few days and all, über cool.

Just got shifted into a more advanced German class which means I’m going to skip 4 or 5 chapters, that definitely sux and I’m not actually sure I’ll manage. Haven’t even cover dativ yet and I certainly don’t know it. Oh well, can see how I go I guess and ask to be put back down if it’s too difficult!!

Fun, fun, fun……… 🙂

Here it Comes

Yes, as well as it tried to hold out, winter seams to have slowly crept into our lives…..Although not official yet mind. The last few days have been very grey and very damp with no hope of it changing anytime soon.

Anyways, yippee!!!! Obama is President Elect, thank god for that. Now maybe America has a chance at getting on its feat again.

Besides that, school is good although there are some (4) really slow bastards that are holding the whole class up whom I wish would just piss off. Sometimes things are so slow in that class I could just about have a quick snooze and still not miss much. We were doing numbers today and it was driving me crazy, I felt like screaming out sometimes “how can you not understand the difference between 20 and 25!!” amongst other things. 🙁