Monthly Archive for July, 2008

Busy doin’ stuff

All in all it has been busy…ah……let’s see. Last weekend I ended up in some club not far from our place until 7 or so in the morning. That was Saturday night. Sunday was spent very, very chilled.

The weekend before that was in Switzerland with the family, strangely enough there was a bit of a heat wave and I was sunburnt. I guess I’ll never learn.

The weekend before that one was rather large also, went to an outdoor party at Schillings Brcke in the day and then to Spindler & Klatt in the evening where a couple of friends were playing a live gig. Was meant to go to a aprty on Sunday but I was fucked and couldn’t make it. Saturday really took it out of me!!

The weekend before that started on Thursday, which is typically not a goo place to start the weekend as age catches up on me, but hey. Friday is a bit of a blur, can’t quite remember what I got up to but on Saturday night we went to a play in which one of our friends plays a part, was really good. We then went to his bithday party back at his place but by this time I was feeling like death!! Stayed for an hour and had to go. Sunday I lazed around until I could motivate myself to go to Sunday Adventure Club which was quite full on, it was a day/night thing which I ended up leaving at around 2am. Really wondering now what I did on Friday, oh well.

Next weekend I’m off to Holland for yet another party Extrema sold out of 35,000 tickets so it should be a big one. Will report back!!

Doing well otherwise, not really sleeping all too well, going to see a doctor about that pretty soon. Take care peoples.


So, I guess I have a lot to say but won’t.

I have now realised I have a mild case of insomnia…….what to do?