Monthly Archive for May, 2008

A man that keeps his word

There you go, as I said yesterday, new photos are up. Ok, not so many from Vancouver, I will try and organise more because we do have a lot, it’s just that last time we were there we didn’t take that many photos.

Anyway, have a look if you feel like it. I really have to think about making the photos full screen because they’re a little small really aren’t they.

Enjoy 😉

Hello world!

Ok, finally got my a into g and started creating new photo albums. Only completed Zrich so far cause it’s so small, which I apologise for. Ina and I really didn’t realise that we had taken so few photos there. Oh well, there’s always a next time-which indeed is true, will be there next month in fact where I can top up this pitiful amount!!

So, will hopefully get the others done tomorrow! Stay tuned 🙂

Certainly been a while…..

Wow, hasn’t it just.

Well, the cat (flickr), unfortunately never came back home. We stuck up over 200 posters with a picture and description of her and even though some people did call it was never her. I’m over the worst of it but I still really miss her. We only had her for about 3 months and all the cat stuff we bought in the meantime is a constant reminder of her departure. I think it’s time to maybe start looking for a new cat.

Been a while since the holiday now but I can briefly sum it up. The snow and weather in Whistler was absolutely brilliant. Can’t wait till 2010 when there is a lift connecting Whistler and Blackcomb. Did mostly Blackcomb this time round, nice steeps, nice powder. Yes is all I can say. Vancouver itself seems to have gone down hill a bit, so many bums hanging around the streets, feels really dodgy in some parts, REALLY. Nice to catch up with Carol though, met some of her friends and hung out, time just went sooo quickly.

Chicago was excellent, stayed in a totally swish hotel by the lake (really good deal via and had a ball. It was bullshit cold though, and generally speaking I am not one to moan about the cold. At one point I refused to go any further unless we jumped in a cab, seriously -10c with a windchill factor of -35c is not my idea of a good time to go for a stroll. Hooked up with Philip and had a drink or two, as I had already presumed he loves the place too.

We then went on to Zurich which, although fun, was a bit of an anti climax. It was raining and grey and reminded me (us) only all too well what was waiting for us back in Berlin. The snow was so shit we didn’t even bother wasting our time. I felt sorry for all the poor bastards that paid a lot to do those mountains, not a good season for Europe overall.

As you can gather, we came back to Berlin and picked up flickr from our friends place where she was being looked after and were amazed at how much she had grown. First couple of days she was a bit sketchy but soon remembered who we were. Unfortunately after 2 weeks she jumped out of the window never to be seen again. I just hope someone has her and is looking after her and loves her like we did.

So, now back at work and plodding along. Was pretty sick this week. My body I don’t think really likes such a drastic change in seasons. The only time I seem to get sick here is when we are going into winter and going into summer. Other than that I’m fine.

Work is a bit weird at the moment. A lot of people haven’t had their contracts renewed and everyone seems to be looking for a new job. I’ll just take it as it comes, always keeping my eye out for something better but at the same time relatively happy where I am (ok, not all the time!!). We have a plan that when my contract comes up for renewal, if I don’t get it I’ll study German for 6 months and then get something better. See what happens, I’m not too fussed really.

And there you go, that’s about it. Party season has hit Berlin. I’m of to the Netherlands next month with a friend for a massive party called extrema which should be a bit of fun. Unfortunately Ina will be having exams so cannot come with us.

Well, that’s kind of it in a nutshell, if I think of more I certainly will add it. I will definitely add photos of Whistler and Chicago though so keep an eye out.