Monthly Archive for November, 2007


Well, from gloom the other day to snow today. I was wishing for a proper cold winter and hopefully my wish has come true. Better to walk on ice and snow than shitty melted snow and ice. My new view from work.



Well, I guess it’s safe to say that winter is well and truly on the way. We just put the clocks back an hour the other day and it’s getting pitch black at around 6pm again and will only continue until that time becomes 4pm. It’s funny you know, every winter you seem to forget just how dreary, dark and cold it can really get. A classic example of that is today………it’s cold, couldn’t possibly get any greyer and wet. A perfectly gloomy day in fact. Refer to the following photo below which I just took looking out the window at work.

Gloomy Day

I’ve never quite understood why the clocks do go back though; ok, supposedly it has something to do with the farmers having to get up or something like that (mind you, that could just be a load of old bollocks). I mean really, what’s more important? more light in the morning whilst you’re still in bed or more light in the afternoon/evening when you can actually use and appreciate it??? I understand there are early birds in the world but I’m sure even they appreciate having an afternoon drink with friends naturally illuminated by our friend the sun.

The one bonus to a proper winter is snow I guess, it’s kinda shitty when it doesn’t snow much and stays a crap temperature that’s too warm so that it all melts (like last year). But when it’s a proper winter and everything is white and that odd silence is there that is only associated with snow, I guess it’s ok. That will hopefully be this winter, nothing better than throwing a massive winter jacket on and trudging (with that funny squeaking sound) through snow and not being cold. If I’m at all lucky I might even be able to snowboard this season, you never know!!So, those are my thoughts for the day, rain, rain go away, please come back another day 🙂