Monthly Archive for September, 2007

Hmmm OK

So, here I am again. Back at work, started at 10am…………way too early when you only get to bed at 5am. On top of that, I forgot that it was the Berlin marathon today and since I live in Friedrichshain and work in Charlottenburg it meant that no bus would send me over this way. None, like, they weren’t running!! Jumped in a cab and he said no go, got in another and he was up for the challenge. Nice enough guy, we chatted away in my shit (but improving 😕 ) German and ended up getting very close to the final destination. Made it to work, though unfortunately 8 minutes late. Thank God my place isn’t like Ina’s employment with Lufthansa cause she would be liable to lose her job for that amount of lateness!!

Anyway, Mount Sims was cool. Pity he wasn’t playing live though, I mean, he’s a good DJ but I would have preferred to hear his stuff live. Raumklang is a nice little club too, just not too sure about the people that go there. In a way, kinda reminds me of the Icebox back in the day in Kings Cross. It must be tricky when you have a nice club and organise good events but only wankers turn up. How do you stop it and get the kinda crowd you want in there? I have no idea……………….

Better get back to work though, wish I could sleep, that would be nice.

Oh, and yes, this is NOT the final look for my site, I am still working on it. OK!!

I Know OK !@#$

Yes, looking very messy at the moment, ain’t got no time left today soooo this’ll have to do for now. Not for too much longer I hope, these things take time though.

Gotta get ready to go out, Mount Sims playing tonight at RaumKlang in Friedrichshain, let you know how it was.

Oh God, now why’d I go and do that?

Well here we go, a very unexpected new look for It’s going to take a bit to get it looking exactly as I want so please have a bit of patience.

This was most definitely not planned, it’s just that I was running on WordPress 1.5 for so long I thought I’d finally better do the update since it is now up to 2.3. Was meant to be painless…………………ha!! I probably should have checked compatibility with my old template. Anyway, everything was backed up so nothing was really lost, just all that hard work that went into modding the other template. I’m not particularly good with PHP so it takes me ages to rewrite things the way I want.

This is a bit of a change, much lighter and airier………………be getting rid of that soon (unless it grows on me that is 😯 ) I reckon we’ll get this one dark, it’s just a matter of when?? So much to do and so little time. Story of my life I guess.

Anyways, hang on in there, I promise more content soon. Must tell about my holiday in Croatia.