Monthly Archive for July, 2007


So, a couple of changes around here. Have now embedded the photo album directly into the pages and have redone the directory.

I’ll soon post another photo album for you all to feast your eyes on. Till then………………………………

Gone in 60 seconds……..

Ok, so I was in my living room with my Ina last night working on some stuff together on my mac when we heard a noise from her study. She ran into the room, with me just behind, only to see some asswipe jumping out the window with her Cinema Display.

So I go into hero mode and run out the front door in only shorts and a t-shirt and start chasing the motherfucker down. He’d already jumped on a pushbike but couldn’t really ride it with a monitor under one arm. He jumped off his bike and we faced off. I was screaming at him to put the fucking thing down, mind you, I’m living in Germany at the mo so he didn’t really get me (I was in a rage and English being my first language, it always seems to pop out first when I’m pissed off). I’m thinking to myself………should I punch/kick him? Hang on……..he might drop the monitor………… whilst weighing up my options another motherfucker turns up. They start speaking Turkish together (one of them trying to look menacing) and I realise another guy is behind me.

So, that’s it…………..I backed down cause I didn’t wanna die that night and lost a beautiful monitor, all in about 60 seconds.

Yes, we called the police and they came and then the criminal police came to take finger prints and yes, we’re insured. But you know how it is, insurance companies never wanna pay; they have a particularly bad rep here and now we have two macs and only one monitor and my pockets aren’t big enough to afford another display just yet.

God I hope insurance comes through 🙁

Slightly unnerving is the fact that the police said now the thieves have seen a bit of what we’ve got, they’ll come back for the rest. Going out to buy myself a baseball bat this weekend!!

Will let you know how insurance goes.

Baseball Bat

No Post For A While (again)

Well, I know. It’s been a while so I guess it’s time to fill you in with news.

My folks had been over here (Germany) for the last three weeks and just flew out on Monday. DID NOT HAVE A GOOD MONDAY!! In fact, I went home sick. But a consolation is that my sis is once again living in London, so, not too far away and it gives me a good opportunity to drag my ass over that way once in a while. (hear there’re some pretty damn good DubStep/Grime parties going down.

Actually it’s just been so busy, the Readers Digest condensed version would kinda go something like this: Moved into new apartment > Set new apartment up (lights, blinds, furniture etc. > Broke i.e. no freakin’ money > Had house warming party (huge night-huge weekend) > Friend from Sydney came over to visit > Started German course at work (which means two 10hr days a week) > Another friend from Sydney came to visit and stay with us > Yet another friend from Sydney came to visit > Family reunion in Berlin over a weekend (which Ina and I had to organise) > A week off work to hang with my parents………………..and now we’re up to date.

So I don’t wanna sound like I’m trying to get out of it but I really have been busy. Anyways, my German seems to be improving and I’ve kinda got back some motivation to try and learn it. It’s just such a pain in the ass learning a language, you can never see the end and it seems to never get any easier (although I’m sure it is).

Basically I just wanna chill for the next few weeks although on the 28th of this month I’m cooking up a big bunch of seafood laksa because one of our friends is moving back to Switzerland and hasn’t had it before. I remember my Ina’s first reaction to a Laksa when we were living in Australia and it wasn’t exactly favourable (nor was her first reaction to sushi) but she loves both of those dishes now. With Laksa I guess it’s just such a strange taste when compared with traditional European food (although some I’m sure would say the same about sauerkraut!!) Anyways, should be a fun evening and has grown to a fair amount of people, just need to find enough bowls for the Laksa.

After this I am definitely chilling for a bit, that is, until we’ve gotta go to Croatia and meet up with my Ina’s Dad and stay at his holiday house in Trgit. That won’t be for another 6 weeks or so though.

So that’s it, I’ll try and stay up to date a bit better in future………..I know, I know………….I’ve said it all before, but really, I will.