Monthly Archive for January, 2007

Move Along, Nothin’ To See Here…….

So, bout time I posted something even if it is only just going to be boring drivel.

Well, let’s start with the weather, I mean……….what a joke!! I think I’ve worn my winter jacket about 5 times and two of those times it wasn’t really necessary cause I sweat like ten fat bastards. Seriously, it’s snowed here for about three days all up, what a joke of a winter!! Meanwhile other parts of Germany are out of control (weatherwise). It never ceases to amaze me how you still have more than half of America saying there ain’t no such thing as global warming when there is so much weird shit going on around the world.

Recently the director of Chrysler America was over here and couldn’t help putting shit on the practises he saw in place at Daimler Chrysler, such as all the fuss over fuel consumption, emission etc. I mean, what a tard, I wonder why the American automobile industry is going down the tube? Could it be that people would prefer saving a few grand a year in fuel than a few grand of the initial sale price? In doing this they also have a smaller carbon footprint which may just make them feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside. I mean, Toyota is dominating there and you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to work out why.

On another note, got hit by a car again (of course it wasn’t my fault!!) I think it’s because of a few things really:

* Bike paths make it difficult to see bikes using the path if there are parked cars along the side of the road.

* I ride a BMX which is smaller than the average bike here and therefore people aren’t really looking for it.

* I ride a lot faster than the average German.

* Berliners are crazy asshole drivers who don’t care about the safety of anyone else apart from themselves.

Anyways, I must be getting better at being hit by cars because this time it hardly hurt at all. A couple of scratches but nothing at all major, you know what they say though, no brain no pain.

On a side note, went to a club the other night called Sage, nice music but not my ideal club. Slowly making my way through all the clubs (well, nowhere near it still because there are so many) but you never know. Wanted to see Mount Sims playing there but got there too late unfortunately, oh well, next time I guess.

Signing out with that though………………I’m suddenly feeling a bit lost for words……………..look out for cars peoples 🙂

Inspiring the Uninspired

Hope everyone’s Christmas and New Year was great, I’d love to say I had a fantastic one but the reality of the situation is that I didn’t. In a way I guess there’s just too much hype surrounding the whole festive season. We went out on the Friday night prior to New Years Eve to see Miss Kittin at Panorama Bar and I’ve gotta say I had a great night; which was partially responsible for my average New Years. My recovery time these days is just completely off the richter scale, we left Panorama at about 10.30am on Sat morning and as soon as I got home I crashed only to wake up later that afternoon to feel deathly ill. The illness stayed with me pretty much until (and throughout) New Years Eve which kinda sucked. We went to a friends house party first and then onto another friends and then onto a massive warehouse party called??? can’t remember but it doesn’t really matter. It probably would’ve been a good party had I not felt slightly queasy and tired but there you go, ended up leaving at about 7.30 in the morning to mission back home and again crash. Not a very inspiring evening but I guess you can’t win em’ all.

Even more uninspiring is the winter here, for the whole of winter so far it’s only snowed once, can you believe it? So all we get is darkness from 4pm onwards and that’s it, how depressing.

I think I’m going to overuse a word in this entry and that word is: inspired/uninspired. I just seem to have little (or no) inspiration to do anything lately apart from dragging my ass into work. I haven’t done a German lesson in ages, can hardly bring myself to working on any music and am just feeling generally apathetic. I guess it could just be the weather but I don’t think so, I think it’s more likely a combination of things just getting me down. I hate it when I’m like this. Maybe I just put too much love and effort into things and rarely get any back and my tanks running on empty or something……..who knows! or maybe it’s the weather and my alienated state due to the fact I’m living in a country where I don’t fully understand the language, maybe it’s just thoughtless fuckers who have little consideration toward other peoples feelings and leach away giving little if nothing back or maybe it’s just that I miss my friends and feel more alone when sitting at a table with friends here than I ever have before. Either way I’m completely and wholeheartedly uninspired 🙁

Anyways, weekend off, I think it’s time to chill. I may just work up enough inspiration to drink a beer and watch mtv or something. Until next time peeps…………… 😉

New Photos!!

Finally I’ve done something about updating this photo album of mine. Ok…………some photos I’d like to have there are missing cause they’re stuck on a memory card at the moment. Overall though, I’d consider it a valiant effort by myself to keep you in touch with stuff. Ok, yes I’m babbling on about crap, bigging myself up………….anyways………….enjoy!