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Merry Christmas

To all friends and family who peruse this site occasionally may I wish you all a “Merry Christmas” and a “Happy New Year”. I’ll be thinking of all of you (though perhaps not at once!! could be more than my poor brain can handle at this time of year). Sometimes I guess I wish I were there with you (and you probably wish the same………… in………….not trying to be facetious………….but maybe you’d like to be over here………..ahhhhhhhhrrrrr you know what I mean!!!), it’ll be a bit lonely without you all. Oh well, some pretty big parties coming up and after Sunday I’ve got 8 days off so don’t be expecting any posting for a while!!

Unter den Linden
Mit freundlichen Grssen aus Berlin!!

Going Nuts

So, even though it’s not as cold as it should be so I can still spend a lot fo time outside, I’ve come to realise that I’m slowly losing it. I’m just completely over living on top of each other like Ina and I are, I’m just too old to be in this kind of situation for too long anymore. What this means is that we need to move and we need to move NOW!! If we don’t, I fear it could have serious repercussions on our relationship because at the moment I feel like I’ve just got no space and every time we’re in the same room together (which is any time we’re at home together) she drives me up the wall……………..So, I/we’ve started to look for new apartments and I can’t help but laugh out loud on occasion in regards to the scummy standards that are often kept here.

Firstly, I’m not sure if anyone’s ever noticed, but Google just does not work for you here, to go off topic for a bit I’ve just gotta say that half the websites kept and updated by companies here are shit. They’re confusing pieces of crap that should have never made it to the web (or Google for that matter!!) What kind of a shop has a website with their address as contact details but no phone number or even opening hours? and that’s if you’ve been lucky enough to find a site with an address. Nearly every sites meta tags must be full of shit cause when you type something into Google, it consistently comes up with search results of use to fuck all.

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The Beast

So, the other day I finished work and all was well. It’d been a long day but not a bad one and as per usual (cause I was working the late shift) I was pretty tired. I packed up and ended up getting out the door at around 11:30pm and just as I came out the lift toward the exit door I saw this massive dog taking a piss in the garden out the front of the building. I didn’t think anything of it, and as soon as he saw me he ran away. I walked out the door, hopped on my bike and took off, but hang on…………………..what was that I could hear? It sounded like finger nails hitting a granite table, no, wait; it sounded like a dogs nails hitting the road as it was running straight for me. I didn’t really want to turn around but I thought I’d better just to see how in danger my life really was, shouldn’t have done that. The dog was massive with bared teeth and gaining on me, now keep in mind I ride a 24″BMX and there is only so fast that you can go on one of these things, regardless I hammered it but to no avail. He was catching up on me and fast, I could now hear not only his “bigfoot” like feet hitting the road but also snarls as his victory came ever closer.

With 1m to go before the vicious beast was gnawing on my right leg I heard a person shout out a name and ask in German if he was stupid or what? The dog stopped immediately and my safe passage home was returned in the bat of an eyelid. As usual, due to my German not being proficient enough, I didn’t have the satisfaction of going up to the owner and asking what kind of an asshole takes a vicious dog for a walk without a lead but no matter, I guess I was just happy to be getting home unscathed.

He Looked Something Like This

Crazy Germans

So, don’t know if this made international news or what but a crazy German kid who was picked on and called a loser (as if that hasn’t happened to anyone before!!) decided he’d go on a killing spree. So he got some stuff together and started on his way to school to shoot shit up. Funnily enough, he recorded a video message before starting on his rampage explaining his inspiration and here it is:

p.s. I don’t think he killed anyone apart from himself in the end although there were quite a few injuries.