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Need Monitors

So, I’ve been looking around at monitors lately cause since my move here I haven’t had any which kinda sucks cause trying to mix in headphones is a joke. Essentially there are only two pairs which I would consider at the moment, the Dynaudio BM15A and the ADAM S3A.
Dynaudio BM15A ADAM S3A
Generally speaking the Adam’s sound a bit sharper with both more definition on the top and bottom end but that isn’t to say the Dynaudio’s are lacking, they just aren’t really in the same class. Hence the enormous price difference, a pair of Dynaudio BM15A’s will set me back around €2500.00 whereas the ADAM S3A’s will set me back around about €4000.00. Funny too cause I think they’re made in Berlin so you’d think a small discount would be possible but not a chance. Prices are so screwed in Euro anyhow, essentially whan you’re paying in Euro your paying the same dollar price as they do in the States, it’s just the Euro is more powerful so in actual fact we are paying more for items than just about anyone (apart from the UK that is!!). With taxes going up by 3% next year it ain’t helping things either.

RME Fireface 800

Metric Halo 2882+DSPApogee Ensemble

After this purchase I then need to consider getting a soundcard, cause since selling my ProTools box last year in Sydney I haven’t purchased another one. I was innitially going to get either an RME Fireface 800 or a Metric Halo 2882 I/O but in the meantime Apogee came out with their Ensemble. This is a perfect choice since it has been designed with Logic in mind which I am now predominantly working with (R.I.P ProTools). The only problem I have with this decision so far is that everyone is having some kind of problem (driver related) which I definitely don’t want to deal with if I am investing around about €2000.00.

I therefore came to the decision that the best option with the lowest latency would be, rather than a specific sound card, an AD/DA converter. When considering investing €2000.00+ it would be silly to experience stupid driver problems whilst at the same time experiencing lower quality conversion. So the logical choice is the Lynx Aurora 8, this is a 24bit 192kHz 8 input 8 output AD/DA converter. Much has been said about this converter and I have yet to read anything negative. It is a massive jump in sound quality from the sound cards previously mentioned and will essentially only cost around about €200-€500 more. Anyways, check it out!!

Lynx Aurora 16

On this day 23/11/06

1765 – Frederick County, MD, repudiated the British Stamp Act.
1835 – Henry Burden patented the horseshoe manufacturing machine.
1889 – The first jukebox made its debut in San Francisco, at the Palais Royale Saloon.
1890 – Princess Wilhelmina became Queen of the Netherlands at the age of 10 when her father William III died.
1936 – The first edition of “Life” was published.
1943 – During World War II, U.S.forces seized control of Tarawa and Makin from the Japanese during the Central Pacific offensive in the Gilbert Islands.
1945 – The
U.S.wartime rationing of most foods ended.
1948 – Dr. Frank G. Back patented the “Zoomar” lens.
1961 – The Dominican Republic changed the name of its capital from Ciudad Trujillo to Santo Domingo.
1971 – The People’s Republic of China was seated in the United Nations Security Council.
1979 – In Dublin, Ireland, Thomas McMahon was sentenced to life imprisonment for the assassination of Earl Mountbatten.
1980 – In southern Italy, approximately 4,800 people were killed in a series of earthquakes.
1985 – Larry Wu-tai Chin, a retired CIA analyst, was arrested and accused of spying for China. He committed suicide a year after his conviction.
1985 – Gunmen hijacked an Egyptian jetliner en route from Athens to Cairo. The plane was forced to land in Malta.
1986 – In Manila, President Aquino dismissed Defense Minister Enrile.
1988 – Wayne Gretzky scored his 600th National Hockey League (NHL) goal.
1989 – Lucia Barrera de Cerna, a housekeeper who claimed she had witnessed the slaying of six Jesuit priests and two other people at the Jose Simeon Canas University in El Salvador, was flown to the U.S.
1991 – Yugoslavia’s rival leaders agreed to a new cease-fire, the 14th of the Balkan civil war.
1991 – The Sacramento Kings ended the NBA‘s longest road losing streak at 43 games.
1992 – The play “Someone Who’ll Watch Over Me” opened.
1994 – About 111 people, mostly women and children, were killed in a stampede after Indian police baton-charged tribal protesters in the western city of Nagpur.
1995 – Charles Rathbun, free-lance photographer, was booked in Hermosa Beach, CA, for investigation of murder in the disappearance of model Linda Sobek. He was later convicted.
1998 – Dennis Rodman filed for an annulment from Carmen Electra. The two had been married on November 14, 1998.
1998 – The tobacco industry signed the biggest U.S. civil settlement. It was a $206-billion deal to resolve remaining state claims for treating sick smokers.
1998 – A
U.S.federal judge rejected a Virginia county’s effort to block pornography on library computer calling the attempt unconstitutional.
2001 – A crowd of 87,555 people watched the Texas Longhorns beat the Texas A&M Aggies 21-7. The crowd was the largest to see a football game in


Been a bit lazy to write lately. I guess really not a lot has been happening, it got cold and now it’s a bit warmer (sux) been working and riding a bit. Overall just plodding along. Here’s something funny anyhow for those of you that know who Chopper Read is (can you believe he’s written a children’s book?)

Nah…… ain’t cold!

So, riding my bike to work this morning (if you could call it that, must’ve looked kinda like a movie shot at 5fps, mostly cause I was well cold and moving hurt) I noticed that the road was particularly slippery. Recently it has been getting slippery because of a bit of rain and leaves falling (that’ll be Autumn then) but today it was outta control, wanna know why? Because of ice!! Oh yes, there is ice already on the streets of Berlin. I don’t think I’ll be riding to work for much longer, not unless my work would like to compensate by paying danger money (HA!).

Kinda funny, up until the 1st of November it has been really mild nice weather but come the 1st and man did it get really, really cold. Even though I bought a couple of new jackets earlier in the year I have come to realise that they are completely inadequate and I therefore will have to take a shopping expedition once again to get something that looks more like it would fit in well in the Antarctic rather than a city. By no means am I complaining though, no no no don’t get me wrong, I love the cold……………what’s more I love jackets that make me look like an Eskimo!! Check this out!!

I am an Eskimo!!

When can you ever wear any decent winter fashion in Sydney? I could rarely ever wear a jumper there let alone a proper winter jacket, so this is what I reckon I’ll get. Nice huh? Nothing better than being able to put a jacket on with just a t-shirt or something underneath and being warm enough to go outside. Hey, forgot to mention the temperature, right at the moment as I’m writing this entry it is around about 3c but usually now when I’m riding to work in the morning it’s around 0-0.5c and guess what…………….it’s only gonna get colder!! 🙂 That’s the hassle when you have a lot of layers, everytime you go into a place for a drink or something, off come most of the layers. I’d like to try and minimise this problem.

Gotta say something about the cold though, it’s like a big ice pack on my back, it’s feeling almost normal today………………not 100% but almost. So now I’m wondering what to do this weekend, Ina’s gotta work which in a way is good, it means I can work a bit on a track I’m doing but I wouldn’t mind going to a club called Berghain/Panorama Bar tonight and tommorrow night. Tonight Fumiya Takana is playing and tommorrow night Chicken Lips are playing. I guess I’ll see how I feel cause a friend is having a party on saturday night as well. (I may be lazy and do nothing 😯 )